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February 20th, 2018

Busting The Myths About Home Heating

Over the winter you may have noticed that your home isn’t as warm as you’d like, or that you are spending more on your heating bills than you’d expected. There are always suggestions available on how to improve your home’s energy efficiency and warmth, but, as the Sun points out, not all of them actually work.

The newspaper spoke to the Energy Saving Trust about some common myths relating to heating your home and whether they can make a difference.

One piece of advice that’s often handed out is to leave your heating on at a low level all day, but the organisation points out that you will save energy as well as money if you only have your heating on when you need it.

Make use of the timer on your thermostat to ensure your heating comes on shortly before you’re due to get home from work, for example, so that you come home to a warm house without having wasted energy and money heating it all day.

Another myth the newspaper banished is that using an electric heater for a few hours each day is cheaper than using central heating. This is not the case, as electric heaters are one of the most expensive ways to heat your home.

Next up was wrapping windows in clingfilm to help cut heating bills. While the Sun states that this works in theory, it adds: "Blocking any gaps around your windows will stop drafts, but you will not see much, if any, saving."

A far better approach is to invest in new double glazing for your property in Brighton, as this will deliver energy efficiency savings.

Comparethemarket.com recently suggested that this could be of particular benefit to older people, as new double glazing will substantially reduce their heating bills.

February 12th, 2018

Cold Snap Is ‘Worrying For Older People’

Elderly people are likely to be suffering more during the cold weather this week, as a result of rising energy prices.

Cold winds from Northern Europe and Canada have seen temperatures across the UK plummet in the last few days, with many parts of the country expecting snow, hail and sleet, according to the Met Office.

Chief forecaster Frank Saunders predicted temperatures could drop to as low as -11C, adding: "There are a number of national severe weather warnings in place."

This is particularly bad news for old people who already face difficulties with their steep bills, head of energy at comparethemarket.com Peter Earl commented.

He stated that more than one in ten old people cannot afford an increase in their fuel bills, especially as fees have risen by 14 per cent since last year already.

"Their decision to limit their energy use comes despite the fact that a staggering 88 per cent believe that the cost of energy presents a real health threat to older people living in the UK," Mr Earl said.

Those worried about their increasing energy bills could instead invest in double glazing in East Sussex, which provides extra insulation and prevents heat from escaping through the windows . This will lower energy bills, as less heat is wasted.

People over the age of 65 face higher bills as well, as research from Comparethemarket.com found nearly a fifth of this age group are on standard variable rate tariffs, which are more expensive than other packages.

This amounts to two million people over 65 in the UK who are paying too much for their heating, or risking their health during cold snaps like this one by trying to keep costs down.

January 26th, 2018

Burglary Hotspots In Britain Revealed

Burglary rates in the UK are decreasing, but there are still parts of the UK where domestic properties are more prone to break-ins than others.

According to the Office For National Statistics, there has been a year-on-year downward trend in burglaries, with just 650,000 reported in 2017, however Guildford still receives above average burglaries.

MoneySupermarket, BT Home reports, looked at millions of home insurance quotes over the past two years and found the postal district GU3 in Guildford to be the most prone to burglaries, with 52.3 claims per 1,000 quotes.

Cambridge came in second, with 51.43 claims per 1,000 quotes, while districts in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham took third, fourth and fifth on the list.

If burglary concerns you, it might be wise to explore where you can get safety glass supplied and fitted in Brighton for peace of mind.

"This year’s claims analysis suggests burglaries fall into two main categories: crimes committed in wealthy suburbs, where thieves expect rich pickings and a degree of seclusion, and busy urban areas, where strangers attract little attention and burglars hope to make speedy getaways," said Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs spokesperson at MoneySupermarket.

Sussex Police figures recently revealed that over 3,000 theft crimes were reported in Brighton between June 2016 and May 2017.

Antisocial behaviour remains the highest sort of crime for the East Sussex city, with a total of 9,490 crimes of this nature reported, representing 29 per cent of total crime reported in the region, while there were 2,562 cases of criminal damage and arson reported.

January 16th, 2018

Theft Common In Brighton

If you have been a victim of theft then you will want the best broken window glass repairs Brighton has to offer.

Theft is the third most common crime in Brighton, according to figures from Sussex Police.

Over 3,000 crimes of this type were reported between June 2016 and May 2017, which makes up 10 per cent of the total crimes committed in the area.

After that criminal damage and arson is the fourth most common crime in Brighton with 2,562 crimes reported, making up eight per cent of total crime.

Antisocial behaviour, however makes up the highest number of crimes with a total of 9,490 crimes reported for that period, representing 29 per cent of total crime.

Much of the crime seems to be in the touristy areas, unsurprising as in 2015/6 it received over 7.5 million day visitors and 4.9 million overnight visitors.

Regency and St John’s and North Laine top the charts as the wards with the most crimes recorded in them, and both are in the city centre. The safest area of Brighton is North Portslade.

Despite these incidences, Brighton’s crime rate is about average for a small town. Crime fell significantly for 10 years until 2013, but has since then been rising, or at least ‘fluctuating’ according to Brighton police. This follows a national trend that saw crime rates slashed, only for them to start rising again in cities and towns a couple of years ago.

January 10th, 2018

Violent Crime ‘On The Rise’ In Sussex

Taking the time to beef up security at your business could well be wise over the next few weeks, given new statistics from UK Crimestats revealing that violent crime in Sussex is on the rise – and in fact has doubled in the last four years.

According to the Argus, there were 1,382 violent crimes reported in January 2013… but in November 2017, the number of reports reached 3,039.

Chairman of the Police Federation Matt Webbs explained that police cutbacks are a big factor in this increase. The organisation told home secretary Theresa May around four years ago that such cuts would push crime up but she dismissed these concerns as scaremongering.

"Significant cuts to budgets have been seen across the public sector, including the police service. Sussex Police has seen more than 20 per cent cut from its central government funding stream, meaning we have already reduced expenditure by £76 million and still have further cuts to make," Mr Webbs observed.

Given this, it would certainly be a good idea to prioritise security at work and at home if you do live in Sussex. These days, there is an awful lot of technology at our disposal to help with this, from outdoor security lights and siren padlocks to smart security systems, dummy cameras, barking dog alarms and more.

Have a look around to see if there are any improvements you could make at your place of business to really make it more secure. The more measures you have in place, the less likely it is you’ll be targeted.

For emergency shop front glazing in East Sussex, get in touch with us today.

January 7th, 2018

Police Set ‘Home Alone’ Traps For Burglars

With Christmas a prime time of year for break ins, there has been many calls for the quickest broken window glass repairs Brighton has to offer this past festive season. Anything the police can do to help remove criminals from the streets is good, but this particular story from the Farnham Herald seemed particularly interesting given the time of year.

Across Surrey, Police have been setting ‘Home Alone’ style traps for burglars this Christmas, kitting out trap houses with hidden surveillance cameras and filling them with devices which have trackers in them.

Their message? "If you target one of these houses you could end up with more than you’ve bargained for."

The scheme works twofold - one by removing burglars from the streets by capturing the act in a controlled environment, and two by acting as a deterrent to local burglars who might fear stumbling into a trap house.

Burglary offences across the county have spiked in recent months, so the police are employing both covert and overt operations to ensure offenders are caught.

Detective Superintendent Pete Fulton said: "We are not prepared to tolerate this type of offending and over the next few months we will be using a range of tactics to not only prevent burglary happening in the first place but also to catch those responsible and lock them up."

He also says homeowners have a part to play in ensuring their property is not appealing to burglars by taking a series of simple steps, which you can read in the Herald report.

December 30th, 2017

Advice To Avoid A Break In This Christmas

It’s well-known that Christmas is a time of year when more of us experience break ins at our homes, with burglars enticed by the promise of high-value gifts and other goods that are often easy to spot over the coming days and weeks.

The Stroud News and Journal recently shared advice issued by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) on how to keep your property safe in December and at the start of the new year.

Firstly, you need to carefully consider how you’re powering any external Christmas lights - and avoid the temptation to run a wire through a partially open window. According to the organisation, 26 per cent of burglaries occur through unlocked or open windows.

Taking care about what you post on social media is also advised, with the MLA recommending that you don’t share your whereabouts on sites like Facebook or Instagram, as you could be telling potential thieves exactly when you won’t be home.

Regularly reviewing your home security is also advised, so it might be a good time to look into fitting new UPVC doors in Brighton if yours have seen better days.

As well as looking at the doors and windows themselves, it can also be sensible to get an MLA approved locksmith to visit your home and test all the window and door locks to ensure they’re working as they should.

Last month, a number of home security experts offered advice to readers of the Express. This included reversing your car into your driveway when you’re returning with Christmas shopping to ensure you can unload it without people seeing what you’ve bought; and making sure you don’t leave presents under the tree where they could be visible from outside your property.

December 18th, 2017

Top Home Improvement Projects For Over 65s Revealed

We all know that as you get older your needs change. This can certainly be true when it comes to housing, and a new report from Key Retirement has found that a growing number of those over the age of 65 are spending money on a range of home improvement projects to enable them to stay in their properties for longer.

The top improvements include the likes of fitting stair lifts, adding a downstairs bathroom and making their gardens more manageable.

However, nearly one in five of those questioned told the company that they are considering investing in new double or even triple glazing, with a similar number looking to upgrade their central heating system.

The firm’s research found that, on average, people in this age group are spending £10,400 making improvements to their properties. And while 29 per cent of those aged 55 to 64 have already made changes, there is a further 39 per cent in this age group who are planning to do so but have yet to start.

Dean Mirfin, chief product officer for Key Retirement, stressed the need to plan ahead because of the costs involved, but acknowledged that "circumstances change rapidly and you may need to take action quickly, which can be difficult".

Contacting glazing services in Brighton could therefore be on your list of things to do in the new year if your windows need some attention.

Aside from making your home more secure, new double glazing can also make a property much more energy efficient. Research published earlier this year by Direct Line found that Brits collectively waste £2.2 billion on heating bills by warming their home while they’re out.

December 11th, 2017

Are You Covered For Your Christmas Presents?

At this time of the year your home is probably filling up quickly with gifts for friends and family - and your bank balance is probably shrinking at an alarming rate. We all know that this time of year is attractive to thieves, who can make off with high-value goods by raiding what’s under the Christmas tree.

If you have home and contents insurance, you may think you’ll be covered for these items if they’re stolen, but one company has urged homeowners to check the details of their policy.

Your Mortgage reported on the advice from Buzzmove, which pointed out that while some insurers increase contents cover by ten per cent during the festive season, this isn’t always the case.

Becky Downing, founder and CEO of the company, told the news provider that it isn’t just about presents either, with many families using this time of year as a good excuse to buy new furniture or pieces of technology.

Making sure that all of your possessions are covered in the event of not only a burglary, but also a fire or flooding, is essential. That may mean contacting your insurer to increase the value of your cover.

Of course, all homeowners should be doing all they can to protect against burglary in the winter, when the longer hours of darkness can provide cover for thieves. Value Penguin recently offered some advice to homeowners on how to make their properties more secure.

The organisation stressed the importance of locking all doors and windows every time you leave your home, as well as keeping gifts out of sight, closing curtains and blinds in the evenings and when you’re not in, and leaving lights on when you go out to make it look like someone’s home.

If the worst does happen and you need 24 hour glazing and boarding up services in Brighton, contact us when you need assistance.

November 30th, 2017

Landlords Reminded Of New Energy Efficiency Rules

Landlords of commercial buildings have been reminded that they need to ensure their properties comply with a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), achieving an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of at least E by April 2018.

Facilities Management World highlighted the forthcoming change in law, which has been introduced in the UK to help cut carbon emissions.

The publication noted that 12 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions come from non-domestic buildings.

Managing director of Inprova Energy Michael Dent told the news provider that this might be more of a challenge than you might think.

"It’s estimated that up to 20 per cent of all commercial buildings in England and Wales could have the least efficient F or G EPC ratings and that 19 per cent have an E rating," he revealed.

Given the money and time required to implement energy efficiency measures, it could be sensible to check your building sooner rather than later, so you can start planning to install new shop fronts in Brighton, or make other changes to improve the energy efficiency of your property.

Mr Dent pointed out that landlords will still be able to market their building for rent after April next year, but that they will need to agree a raft of energy efficiency improvements with the tenant before they sign a lease.

According to the Carbon Trust there are a number of areas retailers should target to improve their energy efficiency. These include lighting, which accounts for 25 per cent of an organisation’s energy usage on average, and refrigeration, which can be as much as 50 per cent of energy costs at some companies.

November 27th, 2017

Consider Home Security This Christmas

The festive season is (almost) upon us, which means most of us will be thinking about decorating our homes soon, not to mention piling up presents underneath the Christmas tree.

However, it pays to think about home security at this time of the year, as opportunistic thieves know that there is likely to be a stash of goodies for them to grab if they break into homes in the run up to Christmas.

The Express noted that there are a number of factors that can make homes a target at this time of the year, not least of all the darker evenings and mornings making it easier for burglars to gain access to properties unobserved.

If you’re planning a break at this time of the year, it definitely pays to do some forward planning when it comes to home security to ensure you don’t come home to any nasty surprises, the newspaper points out.

Will Butler, from ERA Home Security, told the publication that people can often do things that compromise their home security. Among them is running leads to external Christmas lights out through open windows.

"This creates an easy way for burglars to enter the home," he explained. You should also think about how to give the impression that someone is home, even if you’re not, in the evenings. Using lamps on timers is one simple solution.

Given that crime rates were reported to be on the rise in England and Wales last month, it pays to think about these things sooner rather than later.

If the worst does happen though, make sure you know who to call for broken glass window repairs in East Sussex, so that you can make your home secure again quickly and with the minimum fuss.

November 13th, 2017

Britain Bundles Up For La Niña

There is no better time to address issues with broken glass at your Brighton property than now, as La Niña sweeps the UK with cold weather.

Yahoo News reported on the weather phenomenon this week as temperatures plunged to as low as -6 degrees Celsius on the morning after the coldest night of the autumn thus far - and more freezing temperatures are in-bound.

Luckily for motorists, there is no sign of snow just yet but the chilly air will still be forcing many of us to tamper with the central heating knobs in our offices and homes - but a well-sealed window is essential if we are to feel the benefit.

Forecaster for the Met Office Luke Miall was quoted by the news outlet as saying: "Today is dry and bright in the south-east of the UK, skies are clouding over the west, rain and stronger winds are pushing into the north-west, particularly for Scotland and Northern Ireland."

Meaning 'little girl' in Spanish, La Niña is a weather event that occurs when the surface temperatures of the Pacific Ocean drop to below-average levels.

According to Accuweather, the cooling of this area of water has a global impact, resulting in very cold winters in the UK.

La Niña tends to follow El Niño, or 'little boy' in Spanish, which results in hotter-than-average temperatures and results in unusual weather events around the world

Draughty single glazing and rotting frames can be a recipe for a very uncomfortable winter, so be sure to get in touch with Channel Glazing , who will advise you on how best to renew your windows for a cosy, draught-free home or office.

October 27th, 2017

UK Crime Rates On The Rise, ONS Figures Show

Now’s the time to review your security measures at home and at work if you want peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to protect yourself and those around you from crime… new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have just revealed that crime is on the rise across England and Wales, with a 13 per cent hike in all police-recorded offences in the year to June.

An eight per cent rise was seen in the murder rate, with big increases also seen for violent offences such as knife crime, violence against a person and sexual offences. However, a nine per cent drop in overall crime was seen, the Guardian reports.

The ONS’s John Flatley was quoted by the news source as saying: "Today’s figures suggest that the police are dealing with a growing volume of crime. While improvements made by police forces in recording crime are still a factor in the increase, we judge that there have been genuine increases in crime, particularly in some of the low-incidence but more harmful categories."

Earlier this year, further ONS data showed that there was also a rise in burglary rates in England and wales for the period between April 2016 and March this year. Apparently, the total number of such crimes reported to police was up ten per cent during this timeframe.

As such, you’d certainly be wise to take a look at your security measures and beef them up if required. And, if the worst does happen, make sure you know who to call for broken window class repairs in east Sussex. Channel Glazing can help make your premises more secure immediately after an incident has taken place.

October 17th, 2017

Velux Issues Warning Over Shattering Windows

Window manufacturer Velux has issued a warning over what it describes as the potential for spontaneous shattering windows.

The Milton Keynes Citizen reported on the warning, which refers to a specific type of pane of glass sold between 1997 and 2003. These particular windows have been found to spontaneously break, and this could result in glass fragments falling.

If this does happen and you need help with broken glass in Brighton, it is advisable to call in a professional glazer to assess your window and help you board it up until you can install a replacement.

Velux has asked any customers who have experienced one of its windows breaking, or who are concerned about their windows, to get in touch with them and provide them with details about the age and size of the window concerned.

The company has explained that cold weather could be a contributing factor to the panes breaking, and as such are advising people not to open their windows if it is particularly cold outside.

Even if your Velux window isn’t one of the ones affected by this defect, you may still want to consider replacing it with more modern glazing if it’s quite old.

An article for Heating, Ventilating and Plumbing Magazine recently suggested that upgrading to double or even triple glazing could save households a considerable amount of energy over the winter. If you have rooflights in your home, you should check their U-value before deciding whether or not to replace them.

The general rule of thumb is that the lower the U value, the better insulated the windows are.

October 16th, 2017

£2.2 Billion Wasted Annually On Unnecessary Heating, Study Reveals

No one likes to spend their hard-earned cash unnecessarily, but it seems as though many of us here in the UK are really quite wasteful when it comes to our heating bills.

New research from Direct Line Home Insurance has just revealed that more than £2.2 billion is wasted each year on heating our homes when it’s not needed. Some 18 per cent of people even admitted to warming their properties unnecessarily for ten hours or more each week!

Have a think – do you leave the heating on when you’re not at home and won’t be coming back for a while? More than half of us (51 per cent) admit that they do this… which certainly does seem a little wasteful and expensive to us.

Head of connected homes at Direct Line Jenny Trueman commented on the findings, saying: "Wasted energy doesn’t just cause financial strain but also has an environmental impact, so we all have a responsibility to make sure that we use resources responsibly. We encourage householders to consider the home technologies available to manage their homes more efficiently."

Smart thermostats can be a great investment, especially if you’re worried about how much energy you’re using and potentially wasting. The Nest Learning Thermostat, for example, allows you to set up an automatic schedule and it’ll then programme itself based on your habits. You can control the hot water tank separately and you can integrate it with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, while also operating it remotely using a smartphone app.

Looking for glazing services in Brighton? Give us a call today.

October 6th, 2017

Energy Bills Have Climbed By ‘3 Times The Inflation Rate’

Making energy-efficient home improvements to your property could well be a good move over the next 12 months, given new research from Citizens Advice revealing that energy bills have risen by three times the rate of inflation in the last year.

One of the best ways of reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint is with East Sussex double glazing. According to the Energy Saving Trust, energy-efficient glazing could save you £110 a year if you have a detached house and install double glazing throughout.

The Citizens Advice study found that in the last year all six of the biggest energy companies hiked the prices of their standard variable tariffs . And it’s often disabled people and poorer pensioners, as well as families on low incomes, who are the worst hit by these price hikes, spending 11.1 per cent of their income on gas and electricity, compared to 5.2 per cent among other households.

Director of energy with the organisation Victoria MacGregor said: "Gas and electricity bills have skyrocketed for loyal customers over the last year. One large energy supplier after another has hiked up the prices of already expensive default tariffs - putting huge additional pressure on people who are struggling to meet everyday costs."

These days, energy-efficient windows come in all sorts of different styles and frame materials so you’re sure to find one set that suits all your needs at home. The most efficient type for double glazing is Low-E glass, which often comes with a coating of metal oxide that lets both heat and light in, but cuts the amount of heat that is lost through the glass.

September 27th, 2017

Laminated Safety Glass Soars In Popularity

Laminated safety glass with fire-resistant properties is becoming more popular, new research has shown.

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, fire safety has been a growing concern nationwide. Fire-resistant glass is a type of laminated safety glass that provides protection from heat, smoke and fire, as well as affording enhanced building security.

Safety glass is particularly popular in commercial setups, providing protection for buildings, contents, workers and customers. When broken, safety glass does not shatter, ensuring a lower risk of injury and enhanced property security when compared with traditional types of glass. Last month, a specialist company claimed that the type of glass chosen for shop fronts is an important consideration, impacting on the security of a building in the event that a window is broken.

Glass manufacturer Tufwell Glass told GlassonWeb that there are a number of projects that always require laminated glass - one of which is fitting shop windows or external glass doors.

According to the company, glass that sits either fully or partially below an 800mm threshold - or below 1500mm in or around doorways - should be of the safety varieties. In properties that tend to be unoccupied overnight, such as shops or offices, laminated glass is also a good option for any external windows or doors with glass below the specified thresholds.

Opting for laminated glass in these areas will help ensure that should a window be broken, the glass will remain in the glazing system and the building will still be secure until the glass is replaced.

For safety glass supplied and fitted in Brighton and East Sussex, get in touch with Channel Glazing today

September 24th, 2017

Many Brits ‘Have No Home Insurance’

A new survey has revealed that 20 per cent of Brits don’t have home insurance, something which could prove to be a costly mistake given the rise in extreme weather events we’re experiencing, not to mention the lack of cover in the event of crime.

Together Mutual Insurance carried out the research, and found that as well as a large proportion of British homes being uninsured, many of those with buildings insurance believe their contents are also covered, which is incorrect.

In fact, 51 per cent of those questioned incorrectly believe that their household contents are covered by buildings insurance, Property Reporternoted.

Whether you are the victim of a burglary or your home is damaged by flooding or another extreme weather event, you could find that you are left out of pocket if you need to replace valuables and other items from your home if they are stolen or left unusable.

Jon Craven, CEO at the insurer, commented: "There seems to be confusion around different types of home insurance and as a result, thousands of pounds worth of goods are sitting in British homes unprotected."

While contents insurance will protect your possessions, your buildings insurance is what pays out in the event of damage to your actual property. This could include paying to replace broken glass in East Sussex, or repairing a roof after it’s damaged in a storm.

Given that figures published in July showed that burglaries are increasing around the UK, it is sensible to review your insurance products and to make sure that you’re covered for every eventuality, as well as ensuring you’re protecting both your house and what you keep in it.

September 15th, 2017

September Storms Batter Britain

The severe gales howling through the UK this month are a stark reminder that forces of nature can cause unpreventable damage, which is why it is important to know you can call on Channel Glazing for 24-hour glazing and boarding up services in Brighton if you are affected.

Thousands of homes were left without electricity, with many more having their morning commutes disrupted when Storm Aileen hit the UK on September 12th.

The Met Office reported that winds of between 55 and 65 mph swept the country with England and Wales bearing the brunt of the weather event.

The very apex of the storm was felt by those living at The Needles on the Isle of Wight, which recorded blasting winds of 83 mph while Mumbles in Wales recorded top speeds of 74 mph.

In the north-west, 1,067 homes lost power overnight, while 250 homes in Buxton, Leigh and Macclesfield were without electricity into the next day.

Speaking to the Express, Met Office Forecaster Oli Claydon said: "[The weekend]... will then become wet and windy as a couple of low pressure systems move across the country. Winds will pick up on Saturday morning and on Sunday the whole of the country will turn windy with gusts of more than 50 knots (57mph) possible across Wales and the southwest.

"It is a generally wet and windy picture into the start of next week."

If the worst should happen and storm debris damages your shop front, the team at Channel Glazing will be able to help.

September 15th, 2017

Add Value To Your Home With New Glazing

We all know that certain home improvement projects will add value to our homes, but the initial outlay can be expensive and it can be hard to justify spending that much cash.

However, Towergate Insurance has recently put together a handy online tool that allows you to get a rough idea of the return on your investment in your property.

The Telegraph highlighted the tool, which allows you to put in the current value of your property, as well as select a rough budget for your home improvement project. It will then show you a range of options that fall into this cost bracket, giving an average cost of the work, as well as an estimate on how much value you could add to your home.

For example, if your current home is worth £215,000 and you have a budget of up to £15,000 for renovation work, the top option is to invest in energy-saving measures. According to the insurer, this includes things like double glazing and cavity insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

The estimated renovation cost is £10,720, but this kind of work could add £30,100 to the value of your property - a 14 per cent increase.

Another option is to add a conservatory, which costs an average of £7,000 but will add approximately five per cent to the value of your home.

Improving your home security may also be a priority - and one that new bi fold doors in Brighton could help with - given that the BBC recently reported on figures showing that burglaries are on the up in the UK.

August 22nd, 2017

Cat Thefts On The Rise, Apparently!

We’re a nation of animal lovers and we all take incredibly good care of our pets. After all, they’re part of the family! But you’d be wise to take note of new research that’s just revealed that cat thefts in the UK are on the increase so taking care with home security is a must at the moment.

Carried out by Direct Line, the study found that the number of reports of cats being stolen has risen by 40 per cent since 2014, with the most attractive breeds to burglars emerging as the Bengal and domestic shorthair.

However, it would seem that not everyone knows they’re able to report cat thefts to the police. And part of the problem certainly seems to be that because cats are free-roaming animals it can be hard to tell if they’ve just gone missing or if they have indeed been pinched.

Head of pet insurance with Direct Line Prit Powar commented: "If an owner believes their cat is missing, they should first check the immediate vicinity such as in neighbouring gardens or garages as well as asking local people if they have seen it. If their cat is still missing, owners should contact their local animal warden."

Last year, charity Cats Protection issued a call for the government to make it a legal requirement for cat owners to have their pets microchipped in the same way that it is now compulsory for dogs. Vets charity PDSA figures show that around two in every five cats aren’t microchipped – which makes it very hard to relocate a lost pet.

If you are broken into and need broken glass window repairs in East Sussex, give us a call today.

August 16th, 2017

How To Add Value To Your Property

If you plan to invest in your property, a garage conversion has been shown to provide up to a 20 per cent uplift. Costing approximately £15,462, a garage conversion can add more than £40,000 to a property’s value where it creates an extra room, complete with new windows.

Loft conversion

Similarly, a loft conversion that creates a new room can add extra value to a property, providing up to a 70 per cent return on investment. A loft conversion usually costs in the region of £17,000, or slightly more if dormer windows are added, but can provide a value uplift of £30,000 on the sale value.

Painting and decorating

A lick of paint could be all it takes to add substantial value to your property. Painting and decorating is a popular way to renovate properties and also one of the most cost-effective, in addition to providing a return on investment of up to 62 per cent.

New doors and windows

According to the latest Home Improvement Index from Zopa, replacing old doors and windows can add significant value to a property. Replacing old wooden doors with composite versions and investing in double glazing can make a property more secure, attractive and provide a 23 per cent return on investment.

Get new windows in Brighton and East Sussex and see how much value you could add to your home - contact us today.

July 27th, 2017

Don’t Leave Yourself Open To Unforced Burglaries This Summer

With the weather improving and the mercury rising, of course it’s tempting to leave your doors and windows open at home – but this could mean you’re putting yourself at serious risk of unforced burglary, which could invalidate your home insurance policy.

Research from Lloyds Bank Home Insurance has found that there was a 31 per cent hike in the value of claims for this kind of burglary between summer and winter last year, with a lot of these thefts actually taking place while people were in.

Tim Downes, senior claims manager with the company, said: "While summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and longer days, people should still remain alert when it comes to their homes.

"If homeowners aren’t careful, burglars can easily reach in through open windows and doors for small items such as jewellery, smartphones, and car keys. Taking a few simple steps will take the sting out of summer meaning sun-worshippers can enjoy soaking up the rays."

When at home, make sure you shut the windows if you’re leaving a room and there’s no one else there to keep an eye on it. And you should always go around the house and check that windows and doors are shut and locked when going out if the property is going to be empty.

And you should also treat your garden in the same way as you would your house, putting any expensive or valuable items away at the end of the day. It’s easy to neglect your outside areas but doing so could mean you have to make an insurance claim in the future.

For 24 hour callout glazing in Brightongive Channel Glazing a call right now.

July 25th, 2017

Crime Figures Show Burglary On The Up

Home security is one of many things you need to think about whether you own your property or are renting. And it seems that it’s becoming more important to have good home security given that the latest data from the Office for National Statistics has shown an increase in burglary rates in England and Wales between April 2016 and March 2017.

The BBC revealed that the total number of crimes reported to police climbed by ten per cent in that period, pointing out that burglary, theft and violent offences all appear to be on the rise.

According to the news provider, this is the first "sustained and genuine increase in crime since police overhauled their recording practices 15 years ago".

It’s never a bad idea to think about your home security and whether there’s anything you can do to improve it.

In fact, home security is something that a lot of us worry about, according to a survey conducted by Bosch UK last month. Reporting on the findings, the Mirror noted that the average person returns home to check their front door is correctly locked at least once a week.

The survey also found that one-fifth of Brits forget to close their windows when they go out, with the same number also forgetting to turn off the lights.

In addition, two-thirds of holidaymakers worry about the security of their home while they’re away, with 13 per cent admitting that they’ve cut a break short because they are too preoccupied thinking about whether their home is safe.

Making sure you have high quality composite doors in Brighton, with good quality locks, could go someway towards easing your worries about how safe your home is when you’re not there.

July 18th, 2017

Tips To Cut The Cost Of Home Improvement Projects

When it comes to carrying out home improvements, the cost can often rack up quickly and before you know it, you’re way over budget or left with a project that’s only partially complete.

Luckily for homeowners, there are a few things you can do to reduce the expense associated with carrying out changes to your home - many of which are quite simple. Which? recently offered some advice to people about how to carry out some of the most common home improvement projects and stay on budget.

When it comes to renovating rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, which were found to be the most popular home improvement projects in the last five years in a survey from GoCompare Home Insurance, the organisation revealed the best way to save money is to find your own fitter rather than going with the one suggested by the bathroom brand you’re buying from.

Another top tip is to source your own components online, rather than buying everything through a single retailer.

The GoCompare research found that fitting new double glazing was the fifth most popular home improvement project among Brits. Which? suggested that sticking with simple window frames and finishes could save you a considerable amount.

UPVC framed windows are cheaper than wood framed glazing, with the organisation pointing out that you can now buy wood-effect UPVC if you really want that look.

Meanwhile, research published recently by MoneySuperMarket found that home improvement loans peak at the age of 39, which indicates families would rather improve than move.

If you’re looking for new bi fold doors in Brighton, contact us today about the range we can offer .

June 16th, 2017

Dog Thefts On The Rise – How Secure Is Your Home?

New research from Direct Line Pet Insurance has just revealed that there were 1,774 reported dog thefts in the UK last year, which equates to five every day… so the question must be begged – just how good is your home security?

The ten police forces in the UK with the highest number of dogs reported stolen in 2016 was the Metropolitan Police, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Kent, South Yorkshire, Thames Valley, Staffordshire, Devon and Cornwall, and Warwickshire and West Mercia.

Even if you don’t live in these areas, however, remaining vigilant where home security is concerned should always be a top priority – especially if you have a dog at home that someone might be interested in stealing.

If you’re concerned, there are some easy fixes you can do to make your home more secure. You could, for example, install double glazing in East Sussex as two panes of glass makes it much harder for someone to smash their way in. They’ll also make a lot more noise than they would if there was one pane of glass, so it’s more likely that someone will hear them and alert you or the police.

Head of pet insurance at Direct Line Prit Powar commented: "Having your dog stolen is extremely distressing, especially when it happens from within your own home. Simple measures like locking doors and keeping the property secured will help deter thieves."

Other options include making sure your dog is microchipped, making sure the garden at home is properly secure and not allowing your dog out in the garden unsupervised.

June 6th, 2017

39 – The Age When Home Improvement Loans Peak

Finding the funds for all the home improvements you want to carry out over the years can be tricky, so it’s hardly a surprise that so many people opt to take out a loan for certain projects. It’s a convenient way to pay for costly renovations, means you can have the house of your dreams quicker and can help you build up your credit profile if you make the repayments each month.

And now new research from MoneySuperMarket has revealed that the average borrower will owe £309,000 over the course of their lifetime. The ripe old age of 39 is when home improvement loans were found to peak, with families increasingly looking to extend their houses rather than move thanks to climbing house prices and the rollout of new stamp duty tariffs.

Over their lifetimes, the average Brit will accrue £111,000 in interest, if they purchase a house at the average price, have credit card debt for ten years, take out personal loans for a holiday overseas or a new car, and have a student loan.

Unless you do have substantial savings behind you, it can be really tricky to fund your home improvement ideas. And even if you do have savings, it might not be entirely wise to spend them all on doing up the house. An unsecured personal loan is one route to paying for them, but make sure you can afford this before you sign up for it as interest payments will be included.

Another option could be equity release, which might be more appropriate for you and your situation.

Do you need safety glass supplied and fitted in Brighton? Give us a call at Channel Glazing today.

May 30th, 2017

Are Enough Households Taking Advantage Of Energy Efficiency Scheme?

The UK’s energy efficiency scheme - Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - that offers households the chance to install energy efficiency measures funded by large energy providers has been taken up by just six per cent of homes in the country.

Energy Live News reported on the figures released by the Office for National Statistics, which noted that until the end of March this year, 2.1 million ECO measures had been installed.

These can range from cavity wall insulation and boiler upgrades to draft proofing and replacing single glazing with double glazing.

Among low income and vulnerable households who fall into the ‘affordable warmth’ category, nearly 700,000 ECO measures have been installed, which deliver estimated savings of £8.25 billion.

Even if you don’t qualify for upgrades under the ECO scheme, it is clearly still worth looking into what you could do to your property to make it more energy efficient given the savings you can realise by taking simple steps like upgrading to double glazing in Brighton.

Another very good reason to invest in double glazing is that it’s among the features that homebuyers are looking for when searching for a new abode. A recent survey by Gocompare.com found that energy efficiency features were among the top priorities for buyers.

In fact, double glazing came second on the list with 68 per cent of buyers saying they’d want this in a property. Only central heating ranked higher, with 69 per cent of those questioned saying this was a must.

Secure doors and windows, meanwhile, came in at number four, with 61 per cent of prospective buyers concerned about these features.

May 22nd, 2017

Are Your Windows Secure?

Once you have got the best 24 hour glazing and boarding up services East Sussex has to offer, then make sure you take these steps to ensure your house isn’t broken into again.

Window alarms

There are different window alarms on the market that can either alert you if a window is opened when it shouldn’t be, or ones that contain motion detectors around the windows to alert you before a window is opened or broken. Different alarms can be attached to different windows around the house, so don’t feel tied down to one kind.

Home alarm system

You can add to the overall effectiveness of your window alarm system by installing a home alarm system, which can also detect movement around windows.

Window locks

These should be strong and visible, to act as a deterrent to burglars. You can install strong deadbolts which are highly effective.

Safety glass

Safety glass isn’t just for indoor use, it is also useful for deterring people trying to break into your house as smashing it would be much noisier than smashing normal glass, as to break through an intruder would need to strike it repeatedly in the same place. This is one of the least expensive options for improving the security of your windows, and though there are other options (such as bullet proof glass) these offer little benefit over safety glass, to a normal family home.

Our double glazing and safety glass is more secure than standard glass windows. Get in touch with us to discuss the best options for your needs.

May 12th, 2017

Rolling Over On Energy Tariffs Could Cost You £333 More

Even if you don’t end up switching, taking the time to see whether you could get a better deal with your current energy provider or a different supplier is certainly worth doing, especially if your fixed tariff is coming to an end.

New research from comparethemarket.com has just revealed that if you do roll over onto a standard tariff, you could see your bills climb on average by £333 a year. Some 70 fixed price tariffs will be ending in the second quarter of the year, so sitting down for a few minutes to see if you could save yourself some money might be worth it.

The majority of the tariffs coming to an end are from smaller providers, with just 23 from the Big Six, but this still makes up nearly 200,000 customers.

Head of energy with the price comparison site Peter Earl said: "The cost of not actively monitoring your energy bills is clearer than ever, with energy companies potentially enjoying close to a £200 million inertia windfall from customers who don’t choose to switch. A £333 increase in annual energy bills could be devastating to so many families across the UK."

This comes as the Conservatives pledge to set a cap on standard variable tariffs, which could result in £100 being knocked off annual energy bills for 70 per cent of the market. However, while this sounds good in theory, it could mean that a lot of the cheapest fixed rate deals are now longer available.

For 24 hour callout glazing in Brighton, give Channel Glazing a call right now.

April 29th, 2017

Don’t Neglect Home Security This Summer

With the sun shining and the weather in the UK starting to warm up - particularly in the south - it’s only natural that you’ll want to open your windows and let the fresh spring air in. But one police force is warning homeowners to remain vigilant over their home security as the weather warms up.

Speaking to the Maidenhead Advertiser, Thames Valley Police has highlighted the fact that burglars take advantage of open doors and windows during the summer, and urged people to consider security in warmer weather.

Detective Inspector Jason Kew added that now is the perfect time to give your home a once-over and check for any potentially weak areas in your home security.

Key things to look at are your windows and doors. He recommends checking not just the doors and locks, but their frames too. If the frames are damaged or aren’t securely fixed to the walls, then your locks won’t be effective.

Looking at the thickness of your doors is also advised. You’ll need a door to be at least 44mm thick to be able to fit a five-lever mortice lock.

Making sure your windows are in good condition after the winter is also important. Examine them from inside and out to ensure the frames and glass are fit for purpose.

And if you’re moving into a new home, don’t bump home security down your list of priorities. Earlier this year, a survey by Yale found that home security was just the 43rd most important thing for those looking at a new property, below worries over whether there’s space for a dishwasher and whether the garden is big enough for a dog.

If you think your home could do with new UPVC doors in East Sussex, contact us to find out how we could help .

April 24th, 2017

East Of England Homeowners To Be Hit By Big Energy Price Hikes?

If you live in the east of England, you might well see a big increase in your energy bills in the near future, with new analysis from MoneySuperMarket revealing that five out of the Big Six energy companies have all hiked their prices recently, from between one and ten per cent.

The latest to do so is EDF, which has just rolled out its second price hike of the year, a move that will no doubt affect millions of people in the UK. It was found that those living in the east of England will suffer the most, with bills for people on standard variable tariffs typically reaching £1,263 – the highest of anywhere in the entire country.

Energy expert at the price comparison Stephen Murray said: "The message is loud and clear for the millions of people hit by Big Six price rises: shop around if you’re on a standard variable tariff, or if you’re on a fixed deal that’s coming to an end. Collectively, customers could save £7.4 billion by standing up to price rises and shopping around - that’s well worth the seven minutes it takes to switch deals."

As well as switching deals and suppliers, you can reduce your bills by making your home more energy efficient – and one of the best ways of doing this is by upgrading your windows so they’re all double and triple glazed. This will help keep the house colder in summer and warmer in winter, as well as reducing any noise pollution you might experience from time to time.

For safety glass supplied and fitted in Brighton, give us at Channel Glazing a call today.

April 1st, 2017

What To Do If Your Rented Home Is Too Cold

With homeownership still a distant dream for many in the UK, renting is the only option for countless families around the country – and while this gives you a certain level of mobility that people with mortgages don’t enjoy, it can make it harder if problems arise within your house.

Some people often find themselves living in excessively cold houses – Norwich council, for example, has just revealed that 1,700 private homes in the city are so cold that people’s health is being put at risk – and it can be difficult to ensure the landlord fixes certain issues within a timely fashion.

All rented properties have to meet certain standards to make sure they’re fit to live in, with local authorities using the Housing Health and Safety Rating System to assess these standards and see if there are any hazards that could risk your health.

If this assessment proves that your house isn’t safe, then your council can take action against your landlord. It may well be the case that your council can actually do the work itself and then recoup the costs from your landlord after the fact.

Common health hazards are excessive coldness, damp, mould, overcrowding, fire risks, faulty gas boilers and dangerous electrics. Your council will decide what action needs to be taken against your landlord if essential works must be carried out to improve health and safety in your house. They will also likely give you advice on any problems that you’re able to deal with yourself, without involving your landlord.

Emergency remedial action can be taken by the council where they do the work and then charge the landlord. Or an improvement notice can be issued that tells your landlord to carry out improvements and repairs, with a time limit included for the work to be completed by. Get in touch with Channel Glazing for 24 hour callout glazing in East Sussex.

March 23rd, 2017

Make Your Windows Sparkle This Spring

It’s that time of year when you’re probably thinking about a good old spring clean, both at home and work.

One thing you shouldn’t neglect is your windows - especially if you’re a business as dirty and streaky glass can send the wrong impression to your customers.

However, one lifestyle expert has recently advised people not to neglect other parts of their windows in their spring cleaning efforts, namely the window sills, casings and runners.

Speaking to USA Today, Becky Rapinchuk, founder of Clean Mama, explained that keeping these areas clean is key to tackling mold and mildew.

She suggested starting by getting the vacuum cleaner out to get rid of the worst of the dust. Then using a soap and water solution to clean around the windows should do the trick. She added that cotton buds can be a handy item to have around in case there are any hard-to-reach areas.

You don’t even need to buy special glass cleaner to give your windows a shine, either. According to Ms Rapinchuk, a solution of 1.5 cups of water, 1.5 tablespoons of white wine vinegar, 1.5 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and three drops of essential oils will do the trick.

Simply mix the solution in a spray bottle and you can get to work. Of course, it’s also worth having some newspaper handy for a streak-free finish. This old tip works wonders and in most shops or business there’s a newspaper or two lying around.

Given that energy prices are predicted to rise for homes and businesses, a spring clean of your windows is also a good opportunity to check for drafts or any damage to the seals. If your windows aren’t in top condition, you may want to call in glazing services in Brighton to take a look and suggest how to make improvements.

March 16th, 2017

Home Security ‘Low Priority’ For Movers

People who are moving to a new house or flat don’t put home security very high on their list of priorities, a new survey has revealed.

In a poll of 2,000 adults by security company Yale, whether the new home’s security was up to scratch came 43rd in the list of the top 50 things people consider when buying a new property.

At the top of the list was whether parking outside would be easy, while the council tax, total cost, noisy neighbours and how new the boiler is were the other concerns cited in the top five.

Energy efficiency of the new property came in at number 13, after the likes of broadband speed and where the local supermarket is.

Managing director of Yale Nigel Fisher said that while the company hadn’t expected home security to be top of the list, it featured much further down people’s priorities than they had anticipated.

He offered some tips for homeowners who want to have an idea of how safe their potential new neighbourhood is.

"We would always advise checking out the local neighbourhood for signs of well-maintained buildings," Mr Fisher suggested.

When it comes to the property itself, he added that potential buyers should check doors and windows for any signs of break-ins, while also finding out if the locks are up to insurance standards.

Although home security featured near the bottom of the list, local crime statistics were a top ten concern. Earlier this year, Moneysupermarket highlighted the country’s burglary hotspots, pointing out that many of them are in London.

If you’ve recently bought a property and are concerned about the security of your windows in East Sussex, contact us to find out about our products that could make you feel more secure in your home.

March 8th, 2017

Landlords Advised To Prepare For Energy Efficiency Regulation Changes

Landlords in England and Wales are being urged to make sure they’re ready for new regulations relating to energy efficiency in buildings, which are set to be brought in from April 1st next year.

The regulations will come into force for all non-exempt domestic rental properties by April 1st 2020, including all pre-existing tenancies, and it will be unlawful for landlords to renew tenancies or agree new lets for houses with an energy performance certificate rating below E (unless it’s been registered as being exempt).

Legal expert from Kirwans law firm Danielle Hughes is now calling on landlords around the country to make sure their EPC ratings are above an E now to sidestep any issues come 2018.

Commenting on the fact that at least one in six private rental properties look set to be below the required standard, Ms Hughes said: "Some properties may only need a couple of inexpensive tweaks to bring them in line with the new regulatory requirements, while others may require substantial works, which come at a cost.

"Landlords have to balance this work against the risk of them being in breach of the legislation and facing a criminal conviction and penalty fine. As long as the rating is at a minimum of E, it is up to them which methods they chose to improve the property."

The Country Landowners Association has also suggested that thousands of rural privately rented homes could be failed by the new government energy policy by giving homeowners false information relating to the energy efficiency of their houses, as well as encouraging potentially damaging retrofits on properties built before 1919.

Boost your energy efficiency at home with double glazing in East Sussex Give us a call at Channel Glazing today .

February 16th, 2017

Landlords: Are Your Properties Energy Efficient Enough?

Back in 2015, the then Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government introduced a proposal that would mean all rental properties need to have energy efficiency ratings of at least E by April 2018.

With that deadline now only just over a year away, it’s worthwhile for landlords to make sure any houses they currently rent out are up to standard.

Although Chris Stonock of Your Move points out that it has yet to be made into full legislation, it’s definitely still on the table under the current government.

He recommends that landlords get an energy performance certificate (EPC) to assess the current state of their property. Only once you know how close - or far away - from band E a home is can you take appropriate action.

In many cases, there will be little or nothing to do. But if you have a number of older properties in your rental portfolio, it’s worth making sure and rectifying any simple issues. Installing new double glazing and bi fold doors might be necessary to prevent too much heat from escaping from the home.

Mr Stonock added that the current understanding is that there won’t be specific requirements in terms of what energy efficiency measures are taken, which means that "a combination of relatively inexpensive work may well raise the standard to the required level".

If you have rental properties in East Sussex and think that you may need to replace the bi fold doors, contact us at Channel Glazing today to find out how we could help ensure your investments are ready for this new legislation.

February 9th, 2017

Energy Prices Set To Rise

British Gas has become the latest of the UK’s big six energy providers to announce a price hike for customers. According to reports, the company’s plans will increase bills by up to nine per cent, adding almost £100 a year to the average dual fuel bill.

The news comes after Npower announced it would be increasing its prices on its standard tariff, with electricity prices climbing by 15 per cent from the beginning of March, and gas prices rising by 4.8 per cent at the same time.

This will add over £100 to the average dual fuel bill for its customers, and could affect up to 1.4 million households.

A spokesperson for prime minister Theresa May said that the government was "concerned" by the rising energy charges announced this month, adding: "We expect energy companies to treat their customers fairly, and are being clear that where markets aren’t working we are prepared to act."

But while there may be some political wrangling going on over energy bills, what can you do in the meantime to try and keep your costs down, even if companies start charging more?

One option is to assess your existing energy expenditure and energy efficiency and see if there is anywhere you can make improvements. Contacting a double glazing specialist in Brighton, or wherever you live, could be advisable as they will be able to tell you about the latest windows that can prevent heat loss from your home.

To get the most efficient new windows, the Energy Saving Trust recommends choosing low emissivity glass, as well as double glazing that uses so-called ‘warm spacers’ and that uses gases such as argon, xenon and krypton between the panes.

January 31st, 2017

UK’s Burglary Hotspots Named

A list of the places where you’re most likely to need to make a claim for burglary have been revealed, with London districts dominating the top 20.

The research by Moneysupermarket compared data from nearly two million quotes run through the website and calculated how many claims are recorded for every 1,000 quotes in any given postcode.

Top of the list was Redbridge in north-east London, with 16 of the top 20 burglary claim areas in the UK’s capital. Redbridge recorded 54.7 claims for every 1,000 quotes.

Although Brighton didn’t feature on the list of regions where burglary is more likely, it never hurts to examine your home security.

Moneysupermarket advised homeowners to take a look at their properties to ensure they aren’t one of the people making a claim in the next year.

Among the suggestions are to have stronger locks fitted on doors and windows, and in particular to have a five-lever mortice deadlock on your front door.

Ensuring you keep any shrubbery or hedges around your property cut back and in good condition could also help, as it will prevent people from being able to hide in them, or using bushes to shield what they’re doing from the street.

Earlier this month, development director at the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) Dr Steffan George told the South Yorkshire Times that visible signs of disrepair to doors or windows can make a home a target for thieves, as they think it will be easy to break in.

If you’re worried about the state of your UPVC doors in Brighton, contact us to find out about having a new one fitted .

January 18th, 2017

Energy Wastage Costing UK Retailers

Retailers in the UK are wasting significant amounts of money each year due to inefficient energy use and practices.

According to a new report by Utilitywise, retailers are wasting £300 million worth of energy per year, the Retail Gazette reported.

The publication pointed out that, for the majority of businesses, a 20 per cent reduction in the cost of energy is the same as a five per cent increase in sales, meaning many UK retailers are failing to tap into a valuable source of savings.

Simple measures, like ensuring shop doors are closed once people enter or leave a store, can help retailers make significant savings. The news provider cited findings from University of Cambridge research, which revealed energy usage can be reduced by up to 50 per cent in winter simply by closing shop doors.

Retailers may also want to make sure they have energy efficient glazing in their shop fronts in East Essex and are not losing further energy as a result of inefficient windows or shop fronts that let in drafts.

Another recommendation to come out of the report is to monitor energy usage closely, because you cannot fix or improve the situation if you do not know what areas are costing you the most when it comes to energy use.

While room and water heating is the most significant outlay for most retailers, lighting is also a costly expense.

At the end of last year, an article for GreenBiz highlighted the importance of sustainability for retailers, noting that clean energy is already providing financial benefits for retailers, while sustainability as a concept is something that a growing number of consumers are concerned with.

January 10th, 2017

When Did You Last Check Your Home Security?

The festive period is often busy, but once January rolls around you’ll usually have a bit more time to reflect on any number of things. So, is it time for you to take a look at your home security?

One expert from the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) thinks so. Speaking to the South Yorkshire Times , Dr Steffan George, development director at the MLA, said that home security is about more than locking up when you go out.

He explained that many burglars will target homes that look like they are in a poor state of repair, as they are typically easier to break into. As a result, he advises homeowners to stay on top of maintenance work, but particularly where windows and doors are concerned.

"Any kind of visible disrepair like broken windows, rusted locks and chains, cracked panes of glass and rotten frames act as red flags to thieves," Dr George revealed.

It is therefore worth taking a good look at the exterior of your home and, if necessary, investing in new bi-fold doors in Brighton to make your home more secure.

While you are looking at the outside of your home, don’t forget to check your garden, as Dr George points out that unkempt and overgrown bushes and trees can make good hiding places for thieves. Cutting the foliage back will make your garden, and therefore home, a less appealing target.

And with Co-Op Insurance revealing last year that break-ins are more likely to occur on a Friday than any other day of the week, you would be wise to be especially vigilant as we move into the weekend.

January 6th, 2017

1 In 10 Burglary Reports ‘Result In Prosecution’

You’d like to think that if you were the victim of a burglary, the police would do all they can to catch the culprit and bring them to justice but a Freedom of Information request has revealed that all too often this is simply not the case.

According to data obtained by Metro, in the last three years about one in ten burglary reports have actually led to a charge or summons, with some forces around the UK seeing just one in 20 cases ending with a prosecution.

Director of charity Victim Support Lucy Hastings told the news source that such statistics could well prove to be undermining where public confidence in the police is concerned.

"Burglary not only robs victims of their physical possessions – it can rob people of their sense of security at home as well, a place where everyone should feel most safe. This crime can also leave many people feeling vulnerable, frightened and distressed," she said.

With winter in full swing now, you’d be wise to prioritise home security as burglars often take advantage of the longer nights. Recent research from the Co-op Insurance found that home thefts actually climb by 36 per cent at this time of year, so now’s the time to be careful and make sure your doors and windows lock properly, and that you use your burglar alarm whenever you’re going out.

If you do find yourself in need of a Brighton emergency shop front glazing service or someone who specialises in repairing domestic broken window glass, get in touch with us at Channel Glazing today .

January 4th, 2017

Is It Time For You To Have A Home Energy Audit?

The new year is the perfect time to assess and take stock of all manner of things, including your property. With energy prices set to rise for many of us in 2017, it makes sense to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Carrying out a home energy audit is a good way to find any issues your property may have - and then correct them.

Energy.gov offers a number of tips for homeowners who want to carry out their own energy audit, rather than paying for a professional auditor.

One of the first things the organisation recommends that you look for are drafts. These could be coming from windows, doors, or even gaps between the walls of your home and ceilings or floors. Drafts can be a considerable loss of heat, so it definitely pays to correct these.

If you find drafts around your windows, you should consider whether it’s time to install new windows at your home, particularly if what you currently have isn’t double glazing. Alternatively, you may be able to seal the draft yourself by applying an appropriate material - like silicon - on the offending area.

Making sure your heating (and cooling if you have any) equipment has been regularly serviced and is working efficiently is another important part of an energy audit.

And with a survey released in the autumn showing that a small number of Brits (12 per cent of those questioned) would rather go without heating for a week than lose the internet from their homes, this could be a way for them to ensure they can afford both.

If you need new windows in Brighton, contact us to find out what we offer .

December 6th, 2016

Do You Know How To Get The Right Double Glazing?

With winter definitely here and temperatures somewhat chilly, it’s only natural that you’ll be looking at ways to make your home as warm and energy efficient as possible.

One of the most common ways to improve your property’s insulation is by having double glazing installed, if you don’t already have it. Or it may be that your double glazing is in need of an upgrade, either way it pays to know how to find the best deal.

Luckily, Which? have stepped up and produced guidance to help you find the most suitable double glazing in Brighton at the right price.

The organisation’s top piece of advice is to do your research. There are many types of double glazing on the market nowadays, and understanding the difference between them, as well as which will be most suitable for your home, is vital.

Which? also recommends getting at least three quotes before settling on a double glazing company, and making sure the quotes you receive include as much specific detail about the product and service as possible, to enable you to effectively compare them.

You should look at things like the energy rating of the windows you’ll be installing, as well as the guarantee that accompanies them, when you’re comparing products.

In terms of the companies, you should look for one that is registered with FENSA an organisation that ensures all the firms registered with it carry out work that complies with building regulations.

If you don’t use a FENSA-registered firm, you’ll need to get full Local Authority Building Council approval before you can begin the installation.

Homeowners looking for glazing services in East Sussex can come to Channel Glazing with complete confidence, as we’re experienced and FENSA registered.

November 17th, 2016

Keep Heating On to Avoid Burst Pipes

Winter weather can wreak havoc on houses, with freezing temperatures, heavy rain, ice and snow all potentially damaging to your property.

One of the most common problems caused by frosty conditions is having frozen and burst pipes, which is why the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has released advice on ways you can avoid this.

Laura Hughes, ABI’s policy adviser of general insurance, said: "Every winter, damage caused by burst pipes is widespread and expensive. Prevention is better than cure and a few simple steps can reduce the risk of facing the trauma of frozen or bust pipes during the winter."

The ABI suggests keeping heating on at regular times, which also means setting a timer if you plan on going away. This will prevent the temperature of the water in the pipes from dropping and, subsequently, freezing.

It also recommends insulating water pipes and tanks in the loft with good-quality lagging; locating the stopcock and making sure it works, so you can turn off the water supply if needed; and repairing any taps that are dripping to stop water from freezing.

Those who are unfortunate to have to face frozen pipes this winter have been advised to turn their supply off at the main stopcock immediately and wait until it warms up. Alternatively, you could try to warm the pipes with a hot water bottle.

In the circumstance where a pipe has burst, homeowners should turn off water at the stopcock, switch the central heating off and open all the taps to drain the system.

Following this, they need to contact their home insurance provider so they arrange repairs to be done as soon as possible.

Ms Hughes added that while home cover will protect against the cost of burst pipes, "it cannot compensate for the misery and inconvenience that they bring".

Another way to ensure your house stays warm this winter is to invest in double glazing services in East Sussex. For more information, visit us at Channel Glazing today..

November 17th, 2016

UK’s Housing Market ‘Resilient’

The latest data published by Rightmove has described the UK’s residential property market as "resilient".

According to the organisation, the price of properties coming onto the market fell by just 1.1% in November, a smaller seasonal drop than the average 1.8% recorded over the past six years.

With property prices remaining strong, homeowners may decide that it’s better to improve rather than move in the new year, and installing new double glazing is just one of the options when it comes to home improvement.

But while the majority of properties in the UK saw their values fall, albeit marginally, over the past month, homes of two bedrooms or fewer are the only category that saw an increase, which is bad news for first-time buyers.

Miles Shipside, Rightmove director and housing market analyst, explained that helping people buy their first home should be a priority for the government, because it can stimulate the rest of the market.

"Short-term options that might be top of a first-time buyer’s list would be a stamp duty holiday exclusive to them," he suggested.

Last month, the Halifax House Price Index revealed that the value of UK properties climbed by 5.8% between September 2015 and September 2016.

Martin Ellis, Halifax housing economist, pointed to low mortgage rates and a shortage of properties coming onto the market as reasons why prices had remained stable and were likely to stay strong over the coming months.

If you need double glazing in Brighton to help make your home more attractive, contact us at Channel Glazing today.

November 4th, 2016

Brits Prioritise Internet Over Heating

As winter approaches, many households will be thinking about installing double-glazing in their East Sussex homes to keep their properties as warm as possible .

However, despite temperatures expected to plummet over the next few months, there are some Brits who would prioritise their broadband over heating the house.

According to Gocompare.com Broadband, 12 per cent of people said they would rather go without heating for a week than lose the internet for seven days, and as much as eight per cent said they would swap the two for up to a month.

The study showed 76 per cent of Brits regard broadband as an essential, and a third said they would not be able to live without it.

Gocompare.com’s Ben Wilson stated: "With the growth of online-based services, such as banking, grocery shopping, TV, tax and utilities, it’s understandable that consumers are beginning to feel more reliant on the internet than ever before."

Findings revealed those aged between 18 and 24 were more willing to feel the chill than give up their broadband (24 per cent). However, perhaps more surprisingly, as many as four-fifths of those over 65 said they thought the internet was an essential utility.

Of course, it is likely that Brits’ use of the internet, as well as their heating, escalates during the winter, as 59 per cent of people said they preferred to stay at home during the colder months than go outside.

Gocompare.com Life Insurance’s Hiber-Nation survey revealed 46 per cent watch more TV, 40 per cent go out less, and 21 per cent do less exercise over winter.

Those who are going to stay indoors should ensure their property is as warm as possible by installing good-quality double-glazing windows, which traps the heat in and reduces the amount you have to spend on energy bills – which means more money to go on broadband fees.

November 2nd, 2016

Friday – When House Thefts Are Most Likely To Occur

Homeowners and businesses alike would be wise to focus on security at this time, with the clocks having just gone back. New research from the Co-op Insurance has found that home thefts rise by 36 per cent during the winter so being vigilant in this regard would certainly be advisable.

You’d also be especially prudent to take extra care at the weekend, as the study found that winter thefts are at their most prevalent on a Friday . Burglars are able to take cover as the nights grow longer and it’s easier for them to break in unseen, so make sure you take all necessary precautions to protect you and your family, or your business at this time of year.

Tips from the Co-op to help you in this regard include not leaving valuables on display, keeping doors and windows locked, setting your burglar alarm when going out, not posting your location on social media sites and investing in a CCTV system if possible.

"We actually spoke to a number of reformed burglars last year and they said that motion activated security lights are most likely to put would-be burglars off with 26 per cent steering clear of homes with these installed, so this could be a good investment if you don’t have one already," head of claims Jonathan Guy said.

To avoid requiring the services of 24 hour glazing and boarding up services east sussex , you could also keep all your hedges and trees well trimmed so there’s nowhere for burglars to hide and even consider putting down crunchy gravel so you can hear anyone approaching..

October 13th, 2016

Get Double Glazing Ahead Of October’s Wintry Spell

It may only be October, but winter is definitely on its way, with some areas of the country even expected to experience flurries of snow this weekend.

The average temperature for October in the UK is 9.5 C. However, Scotland and the north will experience much colder conditions over the next few days, particularly at night time when close to freezing figures could be recorded.

As a result of this, snow and sleet are expected, putting an end to the long warm summer of heatwaves.

According to James Madden from Exacta Weather, the latter part of the week will be unsettled.

He noted there will be "some chilly easterly and north-easterly winds potentially bringing wintry showers across higher grounds in parts of the north at times this weekend and into next week".

Many Brits may already be beginning to feel the chill, swapping their sunglasses and light jackets for warm coats, gloves and hats over the last few days.

Homeowners, in particular, need to pay close attention to the weather, as those without double glazing in Brighton will certainly feel the cold temperatures sooner rather than later.

Indeed, according to Gocompare.com, this Sunday (October 16th) is when most people in the UK will turn on their central heating.

However, nearly a third (29 per cent) of people will put off turning on their boiler, as they will want to save money on their heating bills. One of the best ways to do this is to make your house more energy-efficient with the use of double-glazed windows.

October 11th, 2016

House Prices Rise By 5.8% Y-O-Y

Property values in the UK are still on the rise, with prices increasing on average by 5.8 per cent over the last year.

Halifax’s House Price Index for September 2016 revealed homes typically set househunters back £214,024 last month, which is 0.1 per cent more than during August.

While house prices are continuing to rise, the growth is slower than usual. For instance, the annual value increase was 6.9 per cent in August, after reaching a peak of ten per cent in March.

September’s figures show the lowest yearly growth rate since August 2013 when costs increased by 5.4 per cent.

Halifax housing economist Martin Ellis said: "The housing market has followed a steady downward trend over the past six months with clear evidence of both a softening in activity levels and an easing in house price inflation."

He went on to say this is likely to be the result of property values having been rising faster than earnings for a long time, which has meant fewer people can afford to buy and this has restricted demand for houses for sale.

Despite this, Mr Ellis noted that very low mortgage rates together with a shortage of supply will "support price levels over the coming months".

One way homebuyers could cut down on how much they spend on a property is by looking for a home that needs a lot of work doing, AOL revealed.

According to Zoopla, 70 per cent of househunters search for a ‘project’ that needs new double glazing in Brighton, a bigger kitchen or a new bathroom as a way of adding value to the home.

September 13th, 2016

Hottest September In A Century Predicted

Just because it’s September doesn’t always mean that it’s time to start turning your thoughts to colder weather and in fact, it looks as though we here in the UK are in line for a lovely Indian summer.

Today (September 13th) is actually thought to be hotter than the likes of Los Angeles, Madrid and Bangkok, so you’d be wise to throw your windows open and let some cool air flow through your house if you can!

In fact, this isn’t bad advice for the entire month as a whole. Weather forecasters are suggesting that this could in fact be the hottest September we’ve had for a hundred years, so be prepared for that… although don’t go out without your umbrella or coat just yet, since soaring temperatures and sunny spells are expected to be interspersed with storms and rain. Obviously. This is Great Britain, after all.

"To keep homes and sleeping areas cool at night remember to close curtains on windows that face the sun during the day. Once the sun is off windows, open them up to get a breeze and think about turning off electrical devices all over the home as they can generate unwanted heat too," Public Health England’s Dr Thomas Waite was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

Of course, it won’t stay balmy forever so now’s the time to winter-proof your house if you haven’t done so already. Beat the cold temperatures ahead of time by having glazing services in Brighton come out to sort out your double glazing. Call us here at Channel Glazing for further advice and help.

September 8th, 2016

3.8m Homes Switched Energy Supplier In 6 Months

More and more homeowners are looking to save money on their energy bills, as 3.8 million people swapped their supplier during the first six months of the year.

According to data published by Ofgem, 1.6 million domestic customers changed their gas suppliers and 2.2 million updated their electricity providers in the first half of the year, with one million more switching companies than during the same period in 2015.

Another way people can help cut their energy costs is by installing double glazing in East Sussex, reducing the amount of heat lost through the window and, therefore, keeping the house warmer.

When it comes to finding low-cost electricity and gas tariffs, Rachel Fletchers, Ofgem senior partner, Consumers and Competition, said: "Great deals are there for the taking. There are very competitive offers and many more suppliers to choose from, and that’s why more consumers are switching."

There are now more than 40 energy suppliers and customers can save more than £300 by looking for a cheaper deal instead of staying on their standard variable tariff.

Despite there being such a varied choice for customers, 66 per cent of homeowners continue to be on expensive standard variable deals.

Ms Fletcher advised people to start looking for new offers, as the colder weather is on its way and homeowners will want to stay warm during the winter without seeing their energy bills soar.

Switching to a cheaper supplier could help stop the 63 per cent of homeowners who put on extra layers to beat off the cold from doing so.

According to Santander Current Accounts research, two-thirds of residents slip on gloves, coats, hats and jumpers to avoid turning the temperature up on their thermostat.

August 11th, 2016

Beware Of Burglars During A Heatwave!

Forecasters have promised us something of a heatwave from Friday (August 12th) so it's going to be very tempting to throw open the doors and windows to let some of the heat escape and, hopefully, a breeze from outside to come flooding in.

However, you need to be particularly cautious at this time of year and make sure that you shut all doors and windows when going out or leaving a room, or you could find yourself the victim of an opportunistic burglary.

Figures from Lloyds Bank show that there was a 14 per cent hike in unforced burglaries last year during the summer when compared to the winter, which should be all you need to know in order to start being more security conscious at home.

Tim Downes, senior claims manager, said: "Small items left on windowsills such as jewellery, wallets and smartphones are particularly at risk along with car keys, as opportunist burglars reach in through open doors and windows to grab whatever they can. We are reminding people to be aware of this type of theft and take steps to prevent themselves becoming an easy target."

Recent research from the Home Office showed that one in three burglars opt to enter a property through a window, with almost 80 per cent of break-ins occurring when there's no one at home. As such, it's vital that you exercise caution when you're in but certainly when you're off on holiday, or even just popping to the shops.

If you are unlucky enough to return home to a smashed window and a ransacked home, call us here at Channel Glazing for 24 hour glazing and boarding up services in Brighton and east Sussex. We'll be able to make your house secure once again.

August 5th, 2016

ABI Figures Show Homeowners Need To Make Houses Flood Resistant

Brits need to invest more money and time into making their property flood resistant to save themselves the stress of trying to put their homes back together after serious water damage.

They could consider calling upon the help of double-glazing Brighton specialists to replace all their windows for added protection against heavy rainfall. They might also want to buy floodgates, airbrick covers, and non-return valves for the bathroom to stop sewage returning through the pipes after a flood.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has issued this advice after revealing 93 per cent of claims made in the wake of the winter floods have been fully or partly settled after six months.

While this is a positive sign, claiming on your home insurance can be a lengthy process, which can be very traumatic to homeowners who want their properties back to the way they were.

Laura Hughes, property policy adviser at the ABI, said: "There are now many different ways that can help make properties more likely to survive a flood without serious damage being done."

She went on to say anything that can help prevent water coming in and damaging the property and within it will "reduce the time it takes to get that home or business back to normal".

The ABI has published a guide to advise people with properties in flood-risk areas on what they can do to protect their houses.

For instance, owners could move electrical sockets higher up their walls, use waterproof plaster, fit concrete or floor tiles, remove carpets and choose a stainless steel kitchen.

July 18th, 2016

1 In 3 Burglars ‘Enter Through The Window’

Making sure your property is as secure as possible, whether you’re staying in or going out, is an absolute must these days. And with research suggesting that one in three burglars would enter a property through a window, it’s not enough to just strengthen your doors – you should also make sure windows have their own locks and keys.

Recent Home Office figures, featured by This is Money, revealed that nearly 80 per cent of break-ins take place when no one is home, so if you are planning on going on holiday this year, make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

If you have an alarm, make sure you turn it on – even if you’re only going to be out for an hour. Your home insurance policy is likely to invalidated if you do not put the alarm on and your house is broken into. Modern alarms will actually let you know via your phone if they’re set off so you can head home to investigate if need be.

To deter people from breaking in via a window, you can buy small alarms that fit onto the pane of glass itself and which will go off if motion is detected. They make an awfully loud noise so will alert your neighbours – but try not to set them off if you’re at home as they really will make you jump!

Of course, even with all the precautions in the world if someone is determined to break into your house they will do so if they can. If the worst does happen and you find you need 24 hour glazing and boarding up services in East Sussex, call us here at Channel Glazing to see how we can help make your property instantly more secure.

July 6th, 2016

Sussex PCSOs Given Enhanced Powers

Good news for homeowners and businesses concerned about crime rates in their local area - PCSOs in Sussex have now been given greater powers so they're better able to deal with problems such as alcohol-driven anti-social behaviour.

Laurence Taylor, Assistant Chief Constable with Sussex Police, said the PCSOs will now be helping to prevent crimes such as burglary, completing tasks in ways that have been proven to be successful in reducing crime and keeping the general public safe, the Brighton & Hove Independent reports.

"The PCSO role has evolved since it was introduced 13 years ago with the specific aim to be visible in the community and they will continue to conduct patrols. However, these patrols will be targeted to areas where they know they can make a difference," he said.

Those involved will make use of technology like smartphones so that they can work as and when they're required, logging on remotely as well as working from shared and police premises.

While this is great news and is sure to be reassuring to the many people living in and around Brighton and Hove, it's still possible that you will still be the victim of a break-in or burglary at some point in your lives. If this does happen, the first thing is not to panic. Do not touch anything in your house or business premises, do not enter the site and call the police immediately.

You may also need someone to come and help you with broken window glass repairs in Brighton, in which case you can call us here at Channel Glazing and we'll come out straightaway to help you make your property secure once again.

June 23rd, 2016

4 Top Window Treatments To Consider

How you choose to dress your windows can really make or break a room so it's important that you spend a decent amount of time mulling over what sort of treatments to bring in if you're keen to make your house look as good as possible. Here are four window treatment trends you might want to think about introducing at home.

Organic materials

Look out for shades and blinds in more organic materials like bamboo if you want something a little different at home. These are great because they afford you a certain level of privacy while also letting diffused light flood into the space.

Get the blues

Colour trends right now are leaning towards shades of blue, whether you want something in teal or aquamarine. Pair brighter shades with greys and lavenders if you want to create a calm and soothing atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.


For something a little bit extra special at home, think about buying curtains, blinds and shades in more luxurious fabrics like fur, velvet, silk or suede. Keep the actual fabric itself simple (so no print or pattern) if you want to get the look without going too overboard.

Speaking of pattern...

Of course, you don't have to keep your window treatments plain and simple. It's your house, you can do what you want! Stripes and bold prints are huge news right now so look out for some patterns that really tickle your pickle if you want your home to look on trend this year.

For 24 hour glazing and boarding up services in Brighton, call us here at Channel Glazing to find out more.

June 13th, 2016

Two-Thirds Of Homeowners Angry At Messy Neighbours

Homeowners who have untidy neighbours are not alone, as 61 per cent have negative feelings about where they live as a result of poorly maintained areas.

According to the Britain at Home report by Lloyds Bank Insurance, 55 per cent of property owners live with unattractive features in their neighbourhoods, including untidy gardens, overflowing bins, abandoned objects and buildings falling into disrepair.

Taking care of properties, such as installing bi-fold doors in your Brighton home and new double-glazed windows could help encourage other neighbours to take better care of the outside of their homes as well.

Allison Ogden-Newton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said: "It is disturbing to see how many people are unable to love where they live, and that many homeowners are so affected by their neighbours that they are considering a permanent move."

She added that most people want to live in a "pleasant environment" but for many this is not possible.

The research showed people are not investing as much money in their outdoor spaces as necessary, spending just £714 a year, compared with £3,579 on their interiors.

Despite this, Gocompare.com recently revealed garden makeovers, installing solar panels and installing double glazing are some of the most popular DIY projects for homeowners, with as many as 14 per cent of homeowners currently considering a home improvement task.

Lloyds Bank Insurance’s research showed homeowners are so concerned about the appearance of their neighbourhood that a third think vandalism, rubbish and overturned bins are dragging their area down, and 12 per cent are worried the value of their property will decline as a result.

Indeed, as many as 20 per cent of people are considering moving property as the problem is so serious.

June 3rd, 2016

How To Reduce Sun Glare At Home

Everyone loves to have natural light come flooding into their homes, but all too often when the sun is shining brightly, the glare can become a bit too much – especially if you want to watch TV, for example, and don’t want to shut the curtains. Here are a few ways you can successfully reduce sun glare at home this summer.

Awnings and shutters

What about installing a roof overhang like an awning over the exteriors of your windows so that direct sunlight is blocked out? Interior shutters are also a very attractive option that allows you to control the amount of light coming in easily.

Window film

Glare reduction window film is a great idea if you want to reduce both heat and glare coming into your house. These are practical and cost efficient, and the best part is that they’re really easy to install with minimal disruption.

Trees and shrubs

You can make your garden look beautiful and be practical at the same time through clever placement of trees and shrubs. Make sure your windows get a lot of shade from the trees and you’ll find glare is instantly reduced.

Frosted glass

You won’t want all your windows to be frosted glass but if you’re really frustrated with the amount of light coming in, it can be a good option.

If you’re in need of 24 hour glazing and boarding up services in Brighton, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team here at Channel Glazing today. We’re looking forward to your call.

May 31st, 2016

70% Prefer To Buy Home ‘In Need Of Work’, Says Survey

Homes with rickety single glazed windows in need of the best glazing services East Sussex has to offer might not necessarily be a turn off to those looking for a home in the area, according to new research.

The study by property website Zoopla found that 70 per cent of buyers were looking for a project, rather than a house in perfect condition to try and beat a market with rising property prices.

On average, the respondents to the survey said they were looking at almost £18,000 set aside for home improvements for a house that needed a bit of work, but it seems that buyers in East Sussex and the rest of the East of England and London were happiest to spend a little bit more, saving from £20,000 to £22,000 for making their new house into a home.

A spokesman from Zoopla said: "Buying a property that needs work can be an excellent way of both adding value and improving the living space of a home," according to AOL Money.

However, there’s another motivation behind those buyers choosing to improve a property – re-sale value, with 61 per cent of those surveyed saying they try to work out the value any work done would add to the property.

A killer kitchen, new bathroom, light loft conversion or wow factor conservatory were all seen to be the best return for the homeowner’s money.

May 23rd, 2016

Here Comes The Hottest Summer For Over A Century!

If you have conservatories in east Sussex filled to bursting with your favourite plants and flowers, you’d be wise to throw open the doors and windows if you can – and keep a watering can on standby just in case.

Forecasters are now predicting that Great Britain could see its hottest summer for well over 100 years – and the good news is that the fantastic weather will be arriving on our shores in just ten short days. What could possibly be better?

Now’s the time to start preparing your homes for the heat, however. If there’s a lovely breeze outside, by all means open your windows to bring some of the cool air in but if it’s hotter outside than it is in, you could find it actually helps to cool your home by leaving the windows shut. Instead, open your windows at night when it’s cooler to bring your interior temperatures down.

Stay in the coolest rooms of the house wherever possible. You can also help to keep your rooms colder by closing pale curtains. If you have metal blinds or dark curtains, keep them open as you could turn your rooms into ovens if they’re shut.

As for your conservatory, too much heat can really damage your plants so if you don’t yet have blinds installed on your windows, perhaps do this now ahead of the hot weather. These will help keep harmful rays from the sun at bay, but you should also know that you’ll probably have to do a lot more watering of your plants in any case this summer!

May 17th, 2016

Double Glazing Included In Home Improvements Wishlist

Now the weather's warming up, people are naturally turning their thoughts to DIY and home improvements. New research has in fact just revealed that 14 per cent of those who own their own home are thinking about undertaking major renovation projects this year.

And, interestingly, double glazing features prominently in the top ten rundown of most popular projects. Others featured include new kitchens, extensions, new bathrooms, garden makeovers, attic conversions, new boilers and central heating systems, knocking through rooms to create an open plan space, adding in an extra bedroom and installing solar panels.

"While it can be cheaper to improve rather than move, major renovation projects can still run into tens of thousands of pounds. So unless they have built-up substantial savings, most homeowners will need to consider either taking out a loan or remortgaging their home to fund their projects," Matt Sanders - money spokesman for Gocompare.com - said.

It's wise to call out Brighton double glazing services if you want to have this installed as you could damage your home if you try to do it yourself.

You should also make sure that you check your home insurance policy to check what you're covered for and what you're not. Typically, policies will not cover you for structural alterations, poor workmanship, faulty materials or renovations. Unless you're fully qualified to carry out work on your home, it's best not to do so just to be on the safe side.

Always call out professional double glazing installers and other tradesmen to carry out the work.

May 17th, 2016

Keep Noise Down With Double Glazing

If it is noise that has led you to consider getting the best double glazing Brighton has to offer then you should speak to us about what we can do for you.

Whether you live on a main road, near a train line or just have noisy neighbours, it is a great idea to install double glazing to improve your peace of mind at home.

Double glazing is extremely effective at reducing noise due to the air gap, but you can increase the effectiveness of this if you use toughened glass in your windows.

The glass you need to look at is called acoustic glass and works by reducing the energy in a sound wave. You can find out how much the glass reduces the sound by looking at the R value. So an acoustic glass with a R value of 10 will reduce outside noise from 60 decibels (dB) to 5dB.

Acoustic glass is glass sandwiched between two or more sheets of glass that have been bonded together using acoustic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layers. These are what weakens the energy of the sound wave as it travels through the glass, creating quieter conditions for you.

You can further reduce the noise that makes it through your windows by increasing the cavity between panes of glass, differing the thickness of the two glass panes used and making them thicker, use a sound insulating window frame and of course, use specially laminated acoustic glass.

May 12th, 2016

The Benefits Of Triple Glazing

Home improvements are an excellent way of increasing the value of your house and also making it easier to sell – and one of the main features to a property that prospective buyers look out for in Brighton is double glazing. But what about triple glazing? How could you benefit from such an installation?

Lots of new build properties now come with triple glazing as standard and it’s not hard to see why such windows are increasing in popularity.

First of all, having triple-glazed windows means that your house will be better at keeping the heat in during the winter, eliminating any cold spots or draughts in your property. Just watch as your heating bills shrink and take pleasure in the fact that you’ll have reduced your carbon footprint as well!

You’ll also boost your home security exponentially if you opt for triple glazing over single, or even over double. If you live by yourself, you can’t put a price on that, that’s for sure. It’s much harder for potential burglars to smash their way through three panes of glass instead of one – and they’ll make a lot of noise doing so, which means they’ll be put off from targeting your home if they see you have triple glazing installed.

And don’t forget about the added peace and quiet you’ll be able to enjoy once your triple glazing is in place. Urbanites will no doubt know just how noisy city living can be, but double and triple glazing are perfect mufflers so if you haven’t had either installed as yet, now’s the time to do so.

May 4th, 2016

Property Prices Rise By 6.7% Y-O-Y

The average price of a property in the UK has risen by 6.7 per cent in the last year, according to the latest statistics from the Land Registry.

It published its House Price Index for March 2016, showing the average property value reached £189,901. This is despite a decline in prices of 0.5 per cent between February and March this year.

This annual increase could be the result of more property owners renovating their homes by making changes such as fitting bi-fold doors in East Sussex , installing a new kitchen or adding an extension.

Indeed, recent research from Gocompare revealed the top 20 things that put homebuyers off purchasing a property, and they include the home being in a state of disrepair, unfinished building work, damp patches, an outdated kitchen or bathroom, and old wooden windows.

Therefore, property owners hoping to earn more for their homes may have taken the opportunity to do some DIY and boost the value of their houses themselves.

According to the late government statistics, the cost of flats or maisonettes rose the most between March 2015 and 2016, increasing by 7.5 per cent. This was followed by detached properties (7.3 per cent), while terraced homes increased in value by 6.2 per cent and semi-detached prices grew by 6.1 per cent.

Unsurprisingly, the area with the greatest annual price index was London, rising by 13.9 per cent. This took properties in the capital to £534,785, making it the most expensive place in the country to buy a home.

Flats and houses in the east of the country experienced the second highest increase at 10.7 per cent, taking homes to £220,989 on average.

The only area to experience a decline in value over the year was the north-east, where properties are the cheapest at just £97,581.

March 11th, 2016

What To Do With Broken Windows

Whether your windows have been broken by an intruder or for some other reason (such as a terrible storm), you need to act quickly to have them repaired so you can get back to business as soon as possible. It might be worth having the number of a Brighton emergency shop front glazing company in your address book so you know exactly where to turn if the worst does happen.

If the broken window is down to a burglary, you must make sure that the first thing you do is call the police and file a report so the incident is on record – which you’ll need to do in order for your insurance claim to go through.

If you’re not on the premises when you discover that the break-in has occurred, do not enter the property as the intruders may still be present. You should also be careful not to touch anything inside the building as this could hinder the police in their investigation.

Once the police are on site, you’ll need to make a list of everything that’s been taken, including a good description and the value of each item. It might help to include pictures or drawings, as well as mentioning any identifying marks. Provide your insurance company with a copy and make sure that you write down any information you have on the perpetrators, if you saw them leave the property.

If you have CCTV cameras in place, make sure you give the footage to the police as it will certainly help them with their inquiries.

March 4th, 2016

Main Barriers To Buying? High Prices, Deposits & Moving Costs

It takes people thinking of buying a new house or moving home 3.2 years on average to achieve their goals, according to new research from Gocompare.com Mortgages, so now's the time to start looking into it if you are keen to relocate or take that first step onto the property ladder.

Research from the company has found that the main barriers to relocating or buying are high property prices in their chosen area, getting enough of a deposit together and the costs of buying and moving. Other obstacles to moving home also included lack of availability where the type of property required is concerned, as well as job insecurity and the costs of running a home, such as council tax, bills and mortgage repayments.

Spokesman Matt Sanders observed that house prices are going to continue to rise because of a lack of supply and an increase in demand, with the average UK house price now at £288,000, which will make it harder for potential homeowners to save for the deposit.

He did add, however, that "there is some good news. Recently, there has been a resurgence in the number of lenders offering low-deposit mortgages. Most lenders now have a mortgage product aimed at homebuyers with a deposit of ten per cent of the purchase price of their property and, subject to stricter eligibility criteria, some lenders offer five per cent deposit mortgages".

You also need to factor in the idea that you'll want to redecorate your home or even renovate parts of it with sliding glass doors, glass balustrades, conservatories and more, so make sure this is included in your budget for your new home.

February 23rd, 2016

Renovation Properties 'Can Save Homeowners £44,000'

You might well think that you want to buy a house that doesn't need much work doing to it, but there are benefits of investing in a fixer-upper, even if it means having to shell out for bi fold doors from Brighton suppliers to help you achieve your dream home.

Figures from Confused.com show that homeowners who have bought a renovation property were able to save themselves £44,371 on average as a result.

The study found that 19 per cent of people who have opted for this kind of house have also been able to turn a profit of between £25,000 and £50,000 after the renovations were completed.

Head of home insurance at Confused.com Gareth Lane said that it seems as though an increasing number of people are buying properties in need of renovation because of house price rises.

"You should always tell your home insurer about major works that are being done to your property or if it is not in a good state of repair. Your home insurer also needs to know about home renovations that add value, such as a loft conversion, for example," he reminded people.

You may well find that installing bi fold doors on your property could add serious value to your home. They really help to open up your home, can create a seamless flow of energy in the property and have the added benefit of making your indoor and outdoor spaces seem more as one. They're very desirable additions to a property so if you are planning on selling and want to increase the resale value of your house, consider having bi fold doors installed.

February 11th, 2016

63% ‘Layer Up’ At Home To Stay Warm

In a bid to cut back on their energy bills, 63 per cent of homeowners in the UK have admitted to layering up – putting on extra gloves, coats, hats and jumpers at home in order to stay warm without having to turn the thermostat up.

Figures from Santander Current Accounts show that three million people actually choose to spend more time in the office because it’s warmer there than at their house, while 84 per cent of households – almost 23 million of them – have taken steps to make bills more affordable.

These include drinking more hot drinks, going to bed instead of sitting on the sofa, using the oven to warm up and blocking off parts of the house. In the next 12 months, 62 per cent of households plan to make lifestyle changes in order to pay their energy bills, whether this is taking on a second job, sacrificing holidays or cancelling TV subscriptions.

Director of banking at Santander Matt Hall said: "There are a multitude of methods to help manage and reduce bills. Households should check they have the best deal by comparing energy providers, look to take advantage of cashback and loyalty offers, and it’s often cheaper to pay by direct debit."

Investing in double glazing could benefit East Sussex homeowners and others by allowing them to be more energy efficient, thus cutting back on their bills – and reducing their carbon footprint! Double glazing works by trapping air between the panes of glass. This trapped air helps to reduce the rate of heat loss through your windows, so your house will feel warmer as soon as you have double glazing installed.

February 3rd, 2016

Create A Seamless Flow At Home With Bi Fold Doors

If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden at home and are wondering how you could make your property seem even more luxurious, why don’t you consider investing in bi fold doors from Brighton supplier Channel Glazing?

Homeowners are increasingly seeing these doors as a viable option for their houses and you can really do a lot to create a seamless and natural flow between the indoors and the outdoors if you invest in a set of panoramic aluminium bi fold doors for your house.

These will open out in a sort of concertina so that you can step through a wide space from your house into the garden, really opening up your home and making it feel that much more spacious and luxurious.

Going for floor-to-ceiling glass bi fold doors will instantly make your property seem a lot more contemporary, which is sure to attract buyers when it comes time to sell up and move on. When the sun shines, you can fling open the doors and relax in the garden – even if you’re still sat in your living room or kitchen!

When it comes to entertaining, there’s no better way to prepare your house than with a set of bi fold doors. That way, if everyone is outside enjoying the sun or splashing about in your pool, you don’t feel left out of the action if you’re inside preparing food and drinks.

The large panes of glass will also flood your home with lots of natural light, whether they’re open or closed, so if you want your space to feel as airy as possible, bi fold doors are the best option for you.

January 25th, 2016

Is Your Postcode In The Top 20 Burglary Hotspots?

The 20 worst places in the UK for burglary insurance claims have been revealed - and if you happen to live in one of them, it might be worth tightening up home security and investing in East Sussex aluminium doors to help prevent break-ins and unwanted attention.

MoneySuperMarket's annual Burglary Claims Tracker revealed that 16 out of the top 20 postcodes were all in London, with SE21 coming top of the list. The top four was made up of Clayhall, Redbridge and Gants Hill, while North Kensington, New Southgate, Cockfosters and Whetstone were also included.

However, London wasn't the only city to have been featured in the rundown and Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester, Hawksworth and Kirkstall in Leeds, and West Bromwich all also put in an appearance in the list.

"The best way to avoid the emotional turmoil and financial distress associated with a burglary is to be vigilant, make a concerted effort to secure your home and put in place the safety net of appropriate contents insurance in case the worst should happen," Kevin Pratt, MoneySuperMarket's consumer affairs expert, said.

Making sure your doors and windows are of good quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to preventing burglaries. A strong aluminium front or back door can do a lot to stop people from gaining access to your property. The more noise they have to make to break in the better! Get in touch with us at Channel Glazing to see how we can help you beef security up this year.

January 15th, 2016

uSwitch: Energy Bills Could Rise By £258

Homeowners may be interested in investing in double glazing in Brighton after uSwitch.com reported energy fees could increase by as much as £258 per year. Those on 24 fixed energy deals are at risk of seeing this price hike when their fuel plans come to an end, unless they switch provider and move to a new tariff. Energy expert at uSwitch.com Tom Lyon noted that fixed tariffs are usually a lot cheaper than variable deals. However, he stated: "When these deals end, customers can get a shock as prices usually jump when they’re rolled over to their supplier’s standard variable plan." Those with Extra Energy will see their bills increase from between £215.22 to £258.26 a year, npower customers will experience a fee hike of £187.78, Scottish Power costs will rise by £179.02 and Sainsbury’s Energy charges will go up as much as £124.06. Mr Lyon therefore recommended householders to look for another deal for lower bills, adding "exit fees on your old plan no longer apply". Alternatively, homeowners could invest in double glazing so they use less energy to warm up their house. One couple who reduced their outgoings to £400 a year – or just over £1 per day – by using energy-saving measures in their property is Graeme and Zoe Bidmead from Lincolnshire. The Daily Telegraph reported the pair have ultra-efficient glazing, solar photovoltaic cells on their roof, a water-heating device and harvest rainwater from their sloping roofs, so they have not had to turn their central heating on, with the property being "practically airtight".

January 7th, 2016

Ultra-Efficient Glazing Sees Couple Slash Energy Bills

Do you want to pay just £1 a day for your water and energy bills? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t? If that’s the case, you might want to take a leaf out of homeowners Graeme and Zoe Bidmead from Lincolnshire who have managed to cut their bills down to just under £400 a year.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the couple confirmed that they were able to achieve such low bills by installing solar photovoltaic cells on the roof of their house, harvesting rainwater from the sloping roofs, using a water heating device to supply hot water and through the installation of ultra-efficient glazing, which means additional heating is not really required.

Mr Bidmead said: "We haven’t yet turned on the heating even once as the house is practically airtight."

However, you should be aware that investing in an eco-property such as this will mean the asking price is higher at the outset, even if you do make savings later on. Mr Bidmead added: "We definitely paid a premium. It’s a three-bed terrace and quite expensive for the north of England."

It might be a better idea to consider upgrading your current house to make it more environmentally friendly than seeking out a new property with similar benefits.

If you’re interested in East Sussex flat glazing and want to find out more about how you could slash your energy bills through new windows at home, get in touch with us at Channel Glazing. We’d be more than happy to advise you on any matters such as this.

January 4th, 2016

Get Ready For Winter, Homeowners Urged

December has been unusually mild weather-wise, so now would be a good time for homeowners to look objectively at their properties and see if there are any improvements that could be made in order to ensure the house makes it through the winter.

Research from M&S Bank shows that 77 per cent of homeowners understand that, where their home insurance policies are concerned, it is their responsibility to make sure that their houses are kept in good repair. Despite this however, 15 per cent have not taken any basic maintenance measures in the last year.

"Regularly carrying out maintenance on the home, even basic tasks such as checking for things like loose tiles, cleaning chimneys and clearing gutters, can help prevent damage from occurring, and should the worst happen, ensure a claim is valid," head of products with the bank Paul Stokes said. He went on to advise people to check the roof for loose tiles, keep gutters clear of leaves, prune back any trees close to the house, remove attached hosepipes, isolate the outdoor taps and check that any plants growing up the side of the property have not grown into the brickwork.

With all the storms and bad weather now being forecast, it's likely that you might need East Sussex 24 hour callout glazing specialists at some point. If so, make sure you give us here at Channel Glazing a call if you need help in an emergency. We'd be more than happy to come out and lend a hand if your home has sustained damage of some kind in a storm.

December 11th, 2015

Snow Forecast For This Weekend!

Now's the time to call out emergency glazing services in Brighton so you're ready for the onslaught of cold weather that forecasters are now saying is about to hit the UK.

Today (December 11th), The Weather Channel is saying that there will be cloud and light rain in the south, but heavier showers in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Thunder and snow are also forecast, so if your windows aren't double glazed you might want to consider getting them done to help keep the heat in at home.

Heavy rain is expected on Saturday for central parts of the UK, so those people who have been affected by Storm Desmond may want to take extra precautions to ensure they remain safe - and to make sure their homes are prepared enough to withstand more rain.

On Sunday, Scotland will see a cold and frosty start, while the central part of the UK will still see rain. Going into next week, the weather is still looking unsettled but milder, with some wet and windy spells to come.

If you do live in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure you've got sandbags at the ready and listen to advice from your local authority so that if you are ordered to evacuate you do so quickly and efficiently. Move belongings high up in the house wherever possible and ensure that whatever room you're in, you have an escape route to the outside.

Should you decide you want double glazing or you need your windows fixed, get in touch with us here at Channel Glazing.

December 3rd, 2015

ABI Issues Security Reminder Ahead Of Christmas

Homeowners have been warned to focus on security at this time of year, with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) advising them to ensure that all Brighton composite doors and windows are locked when going out and keeping presents away from windows and the Christmas tree so as to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Other tips include not running electricity cables through window cracks as this can make it easier for burglars to gain entry, not leaving Christmas presents in sight in an unattended vehicle and keeping all belongings out of sight and bags properly secure when out and about as pickpockets often strike in large crowds. Figures from the organisation show that insurers paid out £933,000 each day for stolen items in the lead-up to Christmas, with companies having to deal with nearly 5,002 claims daily. "Thieves love Christmas, and are on the lookout for easy festive targets. Popular gifts such as smartphones, tablets and digital gadgets will be top of a thief’s Christmas list. By taking extra care and keeping vigilant you can ensure that you do not remember Christmas for all of the wrong reasons," ABI's policy adviser for general insurance Laura Hughes said. Investing in double glazing and stronger Brighton composite doors both at the front and at your patio can also help to protect your home from burglars. Double and triple glazing can make it a lot harder for people to smash the glass - and if they try they'll have to make a lot more noise in doing so, which will surely alert your neighbours to the fact that something is going on.

November 27th, 2015

Increase Bathroom Space With A Walk-In Shower

If you have a smaller than average bathroom, you’ll want to do all you can to maximise the space you’ve got so you can create a sense of luxury and not feel cramped.

The quickest and easiest way of doing this is to take the bath out and replace it with a highly contemporary walk-in shower. Having a shower over the bath does mean that you get the best of both worlds and can bathe rather than shower if the mood strikes, but if you are keen to really modernise this part of the house, having a power shower installed instead is definitely a wise choice.

People often say that having a bath and a shower can increase the value of your home but this isn’t always the case, particularly if the bathroom is on the small side. Having a high end power shower that comes with Brighton glass shower screens fitted can make your bathroom look incredible – and there’s nothing to suggest that this will have an impact on the resale value of your house.

Having floor-to-ceiling shower screens can really open up the room as you’ll be able to see it in its entirety, with nothing hidden or masked. Other ways you can make your smaller bathroom seem bigger include using a monochromatic colour scheme, using smaller fixtures and installing adjustable lighting to help create a bit of atmosphere. Dimmer switches are inexpensive and easy to install – you could do it yourself this weekend with no trouble at all.

November 12th, 2015

Tips To Protect Your Home From Storm Abigail

Storm Abigail has hit the UK today (November 12th), so unless you want to have to call out East Sussex emergency glazing services to deal with lots of broken windows and leaks, you'll have to batten down the hatches properly.

Head of products at Swinton Insurance Mark Hallam has come up with a few tips to help homeowners weather the storm this weekend, including closing and fastening all doors and windows since high winds can easily damage panels and frames.

Other words of wisdom include securely fastening or storing fixtures and loose objects away properly so they don't fly about in the wind, as well as clearing drainpipes and gutters of debris and leaves so that water can drain away easily.

If you can, park your car in a garage so it won't be damaged by flying objects and, if you live in an area prone to flooding, consider blocking entry points like garden gates and doors with sandbags. These can be obtained from your local council, although you may need to pay.

Winds of up to 100mph are expected to batter the UK today and into tomorrow, so just exercise an extra level of caution both at home and if you have to go to work. If you have to drive, make sure you do so carefully and leave in plenty of time so you don't have to rush about if there's lots of rain. Check your tyre depth is correct and that you have fresh wiper blades in place as well.

November 4th, 2015

Kitchens Named As Best Way To Add ROI

Want to increase the value of your property and get the best return on your investment possible? Then it might be a good idea to redo the kitchen this year, as new research has revealed that doing up this part of the house is the best way to add the greatest return on investment.

Sainsbury's Bank Home Insurance figures show that of the estate agents questioned, 57 per cent believe doing up the kitchen is the best decision, followed by new bathrooms (33 per cent), loft extensions (31 per cent), single storey extensions (29 per cent) and double storey extensions (24 per cent).

The bank's Scott Gorman said: "It’s important to tell your home insurer about any renovations to ensure the additional value of your property and contents are covered by your policy. Make sure you’re also covered for any mishaps by notifying them before the work is carried out."

He went on to advise that homeowners make sure they check their policies if they're going to have to move out of the house while renovations are going on, as some providers specify how long you can leave a property vacant for.

You can do a lot to improve the aspect of your kitchen by investing in Brighton conservatories. These can really add value to a property and make your home seem so much bigger. If you have the outdoor space, consider converting some of it into a conservatory - you may be surprised at the difference it makes to your home.

November 2nd, 2015

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Ends

Homeowners will no longer be able to rely on the government's Green Deal Home Improvement Fund if they want to invest in Brighton flat glazing after it was axed alongside funding for the Green Deal Finance Company amid concerns about industry standards and a low rate of adoption.

However, Amber Rudd, energy and climate change secretary, did say that a new approach is now being considered by the government, consumer groups and the building industry in order to provide better value for money while also supporting the target of insulating one million more properties in the next five years.

An independent review has just been commissioned by the government, led by Peter Bonfield, to assess consumer protection, standards and the enforcement of energy efficiency initiatives.

"We are on the side of hardworking families and businesses – which is why we cannot continue to fund the Green Deal. It’s now time for the building industry and consumer groups to work with us to make new policy and build a system that works," Ms Rudd said.

This comes as the government also announced that measures to manage a predicted over-allocation of renewable energy subsidies are to be introduced so as to best provide control over spending and make sure that the taxpayer receives the best deal possible as the country increasingly shifts towards a low-carbon economy.

These measures include the removal of the guaranteed level of subside for biomass conversions, as well as a consultation on the control of subsidies for solar PV of 5MW and below, and another on changes to the Feed-in Tariff's preliminary accreditation rules.

November 2nd, 2015

Harsh Winter To Come, Forecasters Predict

Now's the time to call out your east Sussex glazing services if you've yet to install double glazing as the summer's certainly on its way out and forecasters are now predicting that the winter could be a particularly harsh one thanks to the El Nino phenomenon. It's now being suggested that this year's winter conditions could be much like those seen in 2009/2010, which had the coldest January in years.

With this in mind, it's certainly time to start looking around your house to see if there are any improvements that can be made to help keep the heat in and the cold out. Hire someone to have a look at your roof to make sure that there are no loose tiles that could fly off in bad storms and cause leaks inside, for example. And if you're really keen to ensure that your homes stay warm and well protected during the winter, give your windows the once over to see if there are any draughts.

Double glazing is perfect for keeping your homes toasty and the cold weather at bay so if you've yet to have this installed, now could be the perfect time. You'll find that your energy bills decrease as a result, because these types of window can really improve the energy efficiency of your home - just what you need in winter as you work to keep warm without breaking the bank.

If you'd like to talk about your double glazing installation options, give us here at Channel Glazing a call. We'll be more than happy to help with all your needs.

November 2nd, 2015

Low Interest Loans ‘Required’ To Help People Make Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

More people may be inclined to invest in east Sussex glazing to boost the energy efficiency of their homes if the government offers low interest loans to help make such improvements.

Think-tank ResPublica is recommending that Whitehall take such steps in its first report since the government revealed that the Green Deal funding would be cut. It also suggests that those people who do make energy-efficient home improvements before they sell their properties should pay less in stamp duty.

Other recommendations include designated Warm Home Zones so that areas can be targeted where there are fewer energy-efficient properties and poor health outcomes, as well as allowing cities to retain any revenue generated by stamp duty and a minimum standard for energy efficiency for all homes that are either being sold or let.

Phillip Blond, director of the organisation, said: "Consumers need help to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. This report outlines workable ways to help homeowners take control of improving the energy efficiency of their homes."

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund would be cut, alongside funding for the Green Deal Finance Company, with the government worried about a low rate of adoption and industry standards. Energy and climate change secretary Amber Rudd did confirm, however, that the government is now looking into a new approach in order to help hit the target of insulating one million extra properties in the next five years while also providing better value for money.

November 2nd, 2015

Sports & Home Leisure Facilities ‘Becoming Popular For Homeowners’

If you want to add value to your home, consider installing a swimming pool as well as making use of double glazing installers in Brighton. According to new research from Direct Line, a pool can actually add up to 15 per cent to the sale price of a house, with 17 per cent of high end estate agents reporting that they have seen a rise in demand for both home leisure and sporting facilities in the last year.

Swimming pools, tennis courts, home gyms, home spas, land, a home cinema, stables, a luxury kitchen, a wine cellar and secure parking were all seen to be popular for prospective homeowners looking for a certain type of property. "As staying in continues to be the new going out, we are seeing more homeowners embrace their favourite pastimes in the comfort of their own properties, including golf greens, squash courts and fully equipped gyms," head of SELECT Premier Insurance Nick Brabham said. Whatever changes you end up making to your property, be aware of how it might affect your next door neighbours.

Previous Direct Line research found that 3.7 million people have sustained damage to their homes because of their neighbours’ renovations – yet just a third of those neighbours actually accepted responsibility for the damage that had been done. The most common types of damage included that to fencing, windows, garden features, gates and roofs, as well as plumbing, contents, plants, exterior walls and driveways. If you are contemplating building work, make sure you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and those next door.

October 29th, 2015

Keeping Your Composite Door Secure

When you are looking for the best channel glazing Brighton has to offer, you may be considering a composite door in order to freshen up your kerb appeal.

But what do you do if you are worried that composite doors are not secure enough?

There are a number of options open to you, including choosing more secure glass and better locks, here we will talk you through those options.

The Avantis Lock is a lock designed specifically for composite doors and features the strongest and largest hook and bolt system available in the UK. It utilises a 25mm triangulated dead bolt which means that a closed door is more secure as there is greater compression in the lock.

It also has more standard features to improve security, such as a deadlock which is activated by lifting the handled instead of just a key turn. It passes PAS 24 for security, which means that the lock can sustain a manual attack for three minutes.

You may have considered double glazing in your composite door, but have you considered triple glazing? This is much more secure and doesn’t cost much more. You can also include the attractive glass designs in these triple glazed windows that many people choose these doors for.

In this process the design glass is placed in the centre, between two clear sheets of glass, creating a triple glazed structure. The clear glass used is often a glass known as tempered glass, which is very tough.

This not only makes them more secure but they also have greater soundproofing meaning you can enjoy your home in peace.

June 19th, 2015

How To Choose A Double Glazing Installer

Doing home renovations can be a very exciting process but only if you work with the right tradesmen so you know the job will done well and at a fair price. When it comes to finding the right East Sussex double glazing installers, make sure you follow our checklist to help you come out on top – and with windows that successfully keep the heat in during the winter!

When buying double glazing, always make sure you get at least three quotes from different companies (in fact, this is a good rule of thumb to abide by when having any work done on your property) and make sure that you don’t sign a contract immediately.

Be wary of any company that asks for a deposit up front and ensure that each firm you contact gives you prices for the same materials and products, so you can compare them all easily.

Do your research first, as having an idea of what you need to have done before you get a quote will make sure your prices are more appropriate from the get go - and ensure that all hardware used is included in the ten-year warranty.

It would also be advisable to talk to your choice of company and ask to see examples of any recent work they’ve carried out near your home. Talk to the residents as well if you can to find out how the job went and if it was successful. Reading online reviews is also a great way of finding out if this is the company that you want to work with. If the firm is certified by Fensa, then more the better as well.

June 16th, 2015

Double Glazing – Not A DIY Job!

If you own your own home and are considering a renovation project this year, that’s all very well and good, but there are some jobs that you absolutely shouldn’t attempt to do yourself – and Brighton double glazing installation is certainly one of those!

However, it would seem that lots of people out there are quite keen to try and do rather big jobs by themselves because they have access to countless videos on YouTube showing them how to do it.

According to new research from Towergate Insurance, 23 per cent of people under the age of 24 head to YouTube for DIY assistance, yet this is having an impact on their back pocket with 22 per cent having to call in an experienced tradesman to have their DIY disasters fixed.

Jobs like bathroom refitting, flooring installations, roofing, house extensions and electrical and plumbing work are all being attempted by people, despite the fact that they lack any proper training or any real experience.

"With the emergence of YouTube as a key educational resource, it’s understandable that people are naturally turning to video tutorials for guidance on DIY work. However, as our research shows, undertaking ambitious projects with little to no formal training can have serious repercussions financially," the insurance company’s Drew Wotherspoon remarked.

When finding a double glazing supplier and fitter, make sure that your choice of company is reputable and experienced and choose someone in your local area so that you can meet them in person and build up a real relationship with them.

May 3rd, 2015

Channel glazing

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